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There are ways on how to handle rejection from a girl you love in a more matured way.

Being rejected when you make your intentions known always hurts that is why you must be prepared for anything before you propose love to someone.

how to handle rejection from a girl

There are so many achievements most people consider before diving into a relationship that doesn’t get your hopes up.


There are certain qualities everyone wants before considering settling down.


Remember that many people see beyond physical attraction when accepting to date or marry someone.

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It takes a lot of determination to choose the right person to be with.


So instead of wasting your time and resources pursuing someone who might not want to be with you why not invest in other relationships.

On a personal note, I have had many of this experience I kind of learned a lot from it.

Some years back my ex-girlfriend and I broke up, and trust me I was devastated.

I was so desperate to be in another relationship because of the fear of being single.

As time went by I made advances to as many pretty ladies that came my way but yet none was ready to be with me.

Along the line, I met a certain lady who requested I give her some time to think about the proposal.

After some months approximately a year of waiting, she told me she was sorry that she does not see the two of us walking down the aisle.

I felt hurt and heartbroken, what was my offense?.

Was I not good-looking or something?.

Where did I get it wrong?

I decided to pay more attention to myself instead of chasing clout.

When you believe you deserve better you wait to get the best.

How to handle rejection from a girl

1. Avoid using the same pickup lines repeatedly.

2. Have that sense of maturity to see reasons why she can’t be with you.

3. Some people don’t being in the spotlight so choose the right place to make your intentions known.

4. Be yourself, stay hopeful and you will certainly find someone who won’t hurt your feelings.

5. Walk away if you can’t face her anymore.

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