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How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute 2024

How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute

Is it possible to get Adsense Approval in a minute?

It’s not possible to get Adsense approval in 1 minute. Generally,after submitting your application and making sure your site meets their requirements, you’d have to wait for a few days or weeks before they’d get back to you.

How to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute

You must meet certain criteria before you request to use google Adsense on your site. Even if you request for AdSense before meeting the requirements, you might still not get accepted into the program.

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  1. Your site must be live and ready
  2. Your site should not have adult content
  3. You must be up to 18 years and above
  4. You must make sure your site have good navigation
  5. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience
  6. Avoid repetitive content on different categories
  7. Avoid the use of copyright content like images or copied material.

Let me explain the above requirements so that those who are new to Adsense would understand how it works. Please beware that Adsense doesn’t approve any site within 1 minute. You must wait for days or weeks before approval.

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1. Your site must be live and ready.

When Adsense ask that your website be live and ready, what they mean is that it must be accessible from anywhere in the world.

You shouldn’t apply for Adsense if your website is still under construction. If you do, it won’t be approved talk more of getting Adsense approval in a minute. Your site logo, tagline and every necessary information should be up and running before you sign up for Adsense.


2. Your website should not have adult content.

Adsense doesn’t allow adult content site use their ads. If you must use any ads, try adsterra or propellerAds. As for Adsense, the moment they detect adult content your website, they won’t serve ads on the site.

However, if you already got Adsense and you share adult content, you’d be warned to remove the item and if you don’t, you’d get banned.

3. You be up to 18 years and above

Adsense program policy states that publishers who intends to use their services must be up to 18 years and above. However, if you are not up to the age requirement, a legal guardian must represent you until you’re in the age bracket.

4. You must make sure your site have good navigation

Another important requirement is your site navigation. If your site users can’t navigate through your website in search of whatever they need, Adsense won’t approve you whether in a minute, days or weeks.

What does navigation on site really mean? It means you should interlink your content with one another. One page should lead to another and to the rest of your content. Create pages like “About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Contact Us”. This pages are very important and it shouldn’t take you much time to create.

5. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience.

It’s best to practice niche blogging because you’d know your audience and what they really want to read about. Don’t share incomplete content or content that’s out of point.

To clearly show what you post on your site, try using categories to differentiate them. This will clearly help your website audience get the information they came for. Relevancy is an important aspect for Adsense approval.

6. Avoid repetitive content on different categories.

No matter how good the content is and you feel like sharing it on different categories, i would advise you not to do it. Instead, the best practice is to use one category that is meant for that particular post.

For instance, don’t post “tech“ related content on other categories which isn’t tech related. What you should be more concerned about is ranking your keywords and getting Adsense.

The result of doing this would lead Adsense disapproval and you’d see a message like “Low Value Content”. To bypass Adsense low value content, I wrote something about it.

7. Avoid the use of copyright content like images or copied material.

Last but not the least, copyright material would surely get your site disapproved. Instead of using materials that have been marked as copyright protected, why don’t you use free ones or make purchase in other to have access.

Don’t use images that have watermarks of their original owners. Instead go to pixel or pixabay and you’d get millions of images for free.

Another thing Adsense frowns at is copy and pasting of people’s work. If you don’t know what to write, you can hire the services of a professional content writer. They charge less and provide original content. If you need to the service of a copywriter, send me a message on WhatsApp and I’ll provide one for you.

It’s easy to get Adsense approval although not within minutes but in a few days or weeks. You just need to make sure your site is ready and also follow their instructions on what to post and not post. Well, good luck!!


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