How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval For Bloggers

You’re not required to have traffic for adsense approval as a blogger or content creator who intend to monetize their platforms. However, you must meet certain criteria to enable you use this service.

Since AdSense doesn’t require you have a particular number of traffic before approval, here’s are some Dos and Don’t.

1. You don’t apply for monetization for adults content on your website or applications. They only allow content meant for age bracket. There are other ads network which would permit you monetize such platforms. Adsterra for example.

2. Don’t have multiple AdSense account as this is term inappropriate. And if discovered, one of your account would be taken down.

3. Since there’s no required traffic for AdSense Approval, you must make sure your content are original. Originality is one key factor that determines if your site gets approved.

Tips on how to get AdSense Approval 

1. Don’t plagiarized content from other sites. Make sure you write articles on your own before sharing. This is important because your content will stand the test of time. Whenever there’s google helpful update, if you plagiarize people’s content, yours will get removed from SERP.

2. Use nice templates and logo. Your brand should be known for what it is. Assigning a logo of your property is very important. One of the things that would help leverage traffic on your site when you have AdSense Approved is your site templates. UX design and UI is very important for SEO.  If your site is slow because of too much CSS design, your bounce rate would definitely be too high.

3. Publish enough articles to avoid low-value content.

I recently talked about how to bypass AdSense low-value content rejection upon application. Although there’s no traffic requirements for AdSense Approval, you still need enough content on your website. Empty categories and duplicate contents on categories would get your application rejected. It’s best to do the needful. Apply for AdSense here

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