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How much traffic do you need to make your first $100 to $1000 from AdSense In 2024

How much traffic do you need to make your first $100 $1000 from AdSense?

I have had this conversation with a lot of bloggers and people alike regarding what number of traffic they need to make their first $100 to $1000 from Google AdSense. My friend decided to monetize his blog with Google AdSense even though the site is pretty new, first thing I asked him was what number of traffic he got on a daily basis.

He has a little less than 200 hundred daily page views and his niche matter too. He could be earning some dollars but it won’t be as much as he desires. The main thing that would determine how much you’d earn is your niche and traffic sources.

For example; Someone who’s targeting tier one countries with less traffic and high quality content, can be earning much more than another person whose traffic is from countries like India and china or even Nigeria. Reason is because the cost per clicks (CPC) from tier one countries differ from other countries.

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How much traffic does a blogger needs to make money?

From my experience, I would say from 500 daily visits to any amount of traffic you can earn at least $2. For some niche, it can be  from $0.50 or more. It’s not like you won’t earn money if you get 50, 100, or 200 visits. The clicks might not be enough to get you a cup of coffee at the end of the day. But if you have a target audience from countries with good CPC, you’d definitely earn enough money from your content.

How much traffic do you need to make your first $100 $1000 from AdSense?

What determines the value of your site traffic?

Several things adds up to make your traffic valuable for your target audience:

1. The first thing is if you’re answering a given question. Most people forget the intent of a particular topic and start talking different things entirely. To know how much traffic you need to make money from AdSense, you need to monitor your bounce rate.


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Bounce rate is how quickly visitors stay or leave your site because you don’t provide them with what they want to know. If your site bounce rate is too high, you won’t make much money from AdSense. Take Note: Wrong Ads combination can drive visitors away very quickly. Pop-up ads is another example. AdSense can go well with a lot of other native ads network. But be sure not to use ads network that would get your AdSense account banned.

2. Niche is another great earning potential for AdSense users. Entertainment niche make less money from AdSense because of how little the value of the traffic is. To earn more with AdSense, you need a good niche. Example you can pick from personal finance,  real estate, affiliate marketing niche, buying and selling of products niche, education and more. You’d need a lot of traffic to earn your first $100 to $1000 from AdSense. Roughly around 100k to 2 million.

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3. Ads placement: Another important AdSense earning strategy is good ads placement. If you don’t position how your ads are displayed, you’d actually be loosing at the end of the day. For those who use ezoic, you’re at a higher ground of earning more because ezoic technology position your ads on possible position your visitors get to see them.

To cut the long explanation short, you need at least 45,000 to 100,000 page views to earn your first $100 from AdSense. To earn up to $1000, you’d need between 1 million page views to 2 million page views depending on your traffic source and niche.


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