Hey man did you touch my drumset?

It’s circulate around Brennan Huff and Dale Doback who are bound to live together because their parents decided to marry.

Brennan Huff, is an employed 38-year-old who lives with his mother, Nancy. Dale Doback, an unemployed 40-year-old who lives with his father, Robert.

When Robert and Nancy married and moved in together, Brennan and Dale are compelled to live with each other as stepbrothers.

Dale and Brennan never liked each other for once and this always caused them to fight.

The two narcissist were like cat and dog or probably cat and rat, always having issues.

Late nights chats between Brennan and Dale. Did you touch my drumset?

Dale: I just want you to know that I h*ate you, So is my dad.!!

Brennan: Well that’s fine! Cuz guess what? I h*ate you too, and this house s%cks like @$$.

Dale: Well the only reason you’re living here is that I and my dad decided that your mom was hot. And maybe we should both baãnñg her and put up with the rétærd in the main time.

Brennan: Who’s the rétærd?

Dale: You!!

Brennan: Hey y’all don’t say that.!

Dale: shut up! Wake up my dad and you’ll be grounded.

Brennan: Shut up.!

Dale: You and your mom are hellpelis, this is the house of learned doctors!!

Brennan: you’re not a doctor!! You’re a big fat gullied-headed fark.

Dale: oh yeah?

Brennan: yeah!

Dale: I’m a gullied-headed fark?

Brennan: yeah!

Brennan: you better not go to sleep, because as soon as your eyes are shut I will punch you straight up in the face.

Dale: I hope you lie still when you sleep. Cause I’m putting a rat trap between your legs.

Brennan: I’m going to take a pillowcase and fill it up with bars and soap and beat the sheit outta you.

Dale: I want you out of my farking house!

Brennan: No way! This is my house now!

Hey man did you touch my drumset | Step Brothers.

Did you touch my drumset, step Brothers

Dale: Hey!

Brennan: Hey!!

Dale: why are you so sweaty?

Brennan: I was watching cops.!

Dale: you’re not supposed to keep your legs on the couch.

Dale: Hey man, did you touch my drumset?

Brennan: Nope!

Dale: cause it’s just weird cuz seems like someone touched my drum-set.

Brennan: yeah it’s weird, cuz I didn’t touch them.!

Dale: (screaming) Hey! Did you touch my drumset?

Brennan: knock it off !!

Dale: I know you touched my drumstick because the left one has a chip on it.

Brennan: you’re farking crazy man! You sound insane, you realized that? You should be medicated.

Dale: fark you, Brennan! I know you touched my drum-set and I want that dirty little mouth of yours to admit it.

Brennan: get out of the face, cuz I’m gonna roundhouse your @$$.

Dale: swear on your mom’s life that you didn’t touch my drum-set!

Brennan: I don’t have to swear a sheet.

Dale: That’s cuz you farking touched my drumset, cuz I know cops don’t start till 4 pm.

Dale: Where are you going.?

Brennan: I’m going upstairs, cause I’m going to put my nutsack on your drumset ok.!

Dale: don’t you do that! I’m warning you right now if you touch my drumset I will st∆b you in the neck with a kn*ife.

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