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House cleaning services,

When you think of house cleaning services, simply think of Thebroomers corporate cleaning organization. Thebroomers is a registered corporate cleaning company located in Canada and owned by our very own Crystel Weekes.

Official website: 

1. Thebroomerscleaningservice (open)

Crystel Weekes is an entrepreneur whose act of cleanliness led her to create her own house cleaning corporation.

Meaning behind “The Broomers” According to the founder.

For me, cleaning is not just a chore but it is also a way of life.

I feel that it encapsulates the meaning of my reason for living, in that it helps me to organize my life in a meaningful way. When I clean I become clear of my current ( usually distrustful ) situations, it’s cause(s) and direct effects it may have on me. I become enlightened and aware of myself in a way.

 By helping me to better organize my thoughts accordingly. I’ve realized this benefit cleaning had on me when I was growing up and was tasked with cleaning and maintenance duties for my families’ living space. Cleaning the house and doing other home services is actually a matter of the heart, it’s something that is done with love. We weren’t able to afford the newest high tech equipment that was essentially created to help make our cleaning responsibilities easier. Such as vacuum cleaners and other new cleaning products and supplies.

However, we were fortunate enough to always have a broom accessible and usually in good condition. As a single mother, my mom was not always able to provide my sibling and myself with the best equipment for life but she was able to teach us the value in every equipment we had and that even the simplest ones can make a difference. [Read: Advantages of owning your own business]


 As simple as the broom itself is, it has always been my partner in cleaning my environment. Justifiably and for that reason I will always see it’s value. This is why I believe “TheBroomers” is a suitable name for my company because of my history with cleaning with a simple broom and it’s insurmountable value.

What’s the mission of The Boomers corporate home (house) cleaning services?

We are a cleaning company with room arrangements in mind. With the sole purpose of encouraging a positive and healthy mind.

Thebroomers Inc. promotes mental health awareness and healing through the process of cleaning and arranging living spaces. We strongly believe in the ability of a clean space to be able to encourage the healing of mental health.  Which in turn expresses our belief that the space we surround ourselves in can be a direct indication of our current internal mental state.

With a clean and modified space our greatest hope is for you to now be able to find solace in the space that matters to you the most-home.

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Thebroomers Vision regarding home cleaning services.

We encourage happiness and a clean touch with a service that leaves no mess, Innovating the definition of a clean, organized and stress free space. We are dedicated to building and managing a successful relationship with our clients.

To clean and arrange a space in a new and creative way to encourage a feeling of comfort in a familiar space.

Our values at thebroomers Int’l.

Commitment: demonstrates the quality of dedication.

Innovation: make better what is good.

Communication: the link that connects us.

Integrity: where morality lives.

Respect: you have our best regards.

Loyalty: always here for you.

When was thebroomers Int’l Home /house cleaning services Established?

As earlier mentioned, we are a corporate cleaning service agency located in Toronto, Canada.

Thebroomers cleaning service Inc. is located at 49 Scarlettwood Court Toronto ON M9P 1T1 Canada. It was registered on 27-Jul-2021, the corporation’s bn is 785390600 and corporation number is 13217728. There is one director of this company. This corporation’s record status is : Active . Thebroomers Cleaning Service Inc. has been running for 5 months, and 3 days.


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