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How do I keep snakes away from my toilet and home in general?

The issue of snakes crawling into people’s toilets has become more frequent nowadays. This is very much unsafe because snakes are venomous.

5 way to keep snakes away from your toilet

Snakes don’t just crawl into any kind of environment, they can only sneak in if there’s a hidden spot for them to stay.

It is very important to prevent snakes from our different toilets and homes at all costs. Those creatures are very dangerous and every year thousands of people d!e of snake bites.

There are many reasons why a snake would want to sneak into your home or toilet if care is not taken.

Snakes are cold-bl00ded animals and their perfect hiding spot is always somewhere warm, cracked, and unexpected areas.

5 ways to keep snakes away from your toilet and home include the following.

1. Repair and maintenance of every broken toilet pipe:

Plumbing pipes do break after a while since they are not meant to last forever. Toilet owners need to take safety precautions by constantly checking for broken pipes, this is one of the ways snakes can crawl into your toilet.

A lot of the time, we don’t take stuff like that seriously, not knowing they are very important.


How to avoid making careless mistakes in life.

Recently in Nigeria, many news outlets/ media have been reporting cases of people being bitten by snakes while using the toilet.

We can avoid such situations if we decide to do the necessary things.

2. Keeping our various environment clean at all time:

Another way to prevent snakes from crawling into your toilet is to make sure your environment is kept clean at all times.

Avoid keeping so many things bulked up together for so long without cleaning them.

Snakes take every given opportunity to find a hiding place. As long as it isn’t seen, they make sure to sneak in quietly without much of a trace.

3. Avoid hidden cracks and holes around your toilet:

Snakes come out of hidden spots to another safer and hidden place, and it might be anywhere.

Check around your toilet, if there’s any cracked space in the wall or tiles. If you find holes in your toilet, try to close them.

Snakes love this kind of hiding place where they can’t be found easily.

Use cement to seal holes and replace broken tiles to avoid cracks.

4. Use snakes repellents to keep them away from your toilet and home:

There are many types of snake repellents one can buy to keep them from your toilet or your house.

Most of these repellants irritate the snake’s body so they avoid it at all costs.

A few weeks ago, we found a snake on my neighbor’s window and it was almost too late but we removed it successfully.

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The next day we saw the exact type of snake on the same window but this time it was fast enough to run away.

What my neighbor did was to get a type of local bitter kola nuts and place it on all high places. Ever since then we haven’t seen any snakes around there.

If you have seen a snake around your environment or inside your toilet you can you’re a few of those and just placemat in an open space so that the smell can help drive away snakes around.

5. Always make sure there’s light in your toilet at all times:

One way to prevent snakes from entering your toilet is to always make sure there’s light around.

Snakes are creepy and so they love staying in dark places.

Before you put your hands in any dark section in your toilet or room, make sure you use a touch light to scan the place first

You can accidentally step on it without noticing or even carry it due to a blind spot.


Since nights are always cold, snakes like warm environments where they can enjoy heat too.

Before going to bed, check if your doorway has an opening where something can crawl in and use pieces of old clothes (rags) to cover the doorways.

With the application of this formula, you can prevent snakes, insects, and other small creatures from coming in.

Check your ceiling if there are any form holes or cracks and seal them properly.

Before you wear any old shoe, be sure that it’s very much empty because snakes can equally make such places their homes.

Be Vigilant and cautious of little things that can attract snakes into your toilet. There’s a popular saying that “heaven help those who help themselves”.

Prevent snakes from entering your toilet and stay safe.


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