Are you thinking of where to place your hands on a girl while kissing.?

When kissing a girl, where you should place your hands shouldn’t be a problem.

When kissing a girl where should you place your hands

It all depends if the relationship is still new or you guys have been together for quite a long time.

For new lovers, when kissing your girl you should place your hands on her waist or hold her cheeks.

As you progress on you can eventually start placing your hands on her butts.

Although shyness won’t allow you to place your hands on her butts if the relationship is still new.

So many thoughts would be running through your mind like, will she be angry if we touch her butts, will it be awkward for me to touch her, will she like it, will she end the relationship, and all that.

It is better to play safe than sorry.
It’s a plus one for you if you are taller than your girlfriend.

while kissing her she can stand on her toes while you support her by holding her waist or cheeks.
Her hands wrapped around your waist while you kiss her passionately.

How do you tell your girlfriend you want a kiss without saying the word.

  1. Look her deep in the eyes.
  2. Smile and lick your lower lips.
  3. Bite your lower lips while looking at her.
  4. Smile again and wink at her.
  5. Look straight into her eyes, smile, and look away then look back into her eyes.
  6. Whisper I Love You to her.
  7. Hold her hands and look straight into her eyes.
  8. Move your face closer to hers and smile again.
  9. Now lick your upper lips, pause for a bite and keep looking at her.
  10. Move closer to her and bite your lower lips with an affectionate face.

Next time when you want to kiss a girl, where you should place your hands shouldn’t be a big deal.

Just consider whether she’s ok with it or not.

Thank you for reading and if you have further thoughts please reach out below in the comments section.

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