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Vision Of Perfection 2024 | True Definition And Meaning

Vision of perfection

Now talking about vision of perfection, lot of people have different visions about the things of life. Like how to navigate through obstacles and everything in between.  People look at things from different angles and you can’t judge them, that’s life.

 What is Vision of Perfection?

The vision of perfection means something imaginary; a creation of fancy or a goal toward which one aspires to get quality, endowment, or acquirement completely excellent; an ideal; faultlessness; especially, the divine attribute of complete excellence.

Vision of perfection

How you interpret the vision of perfection and the way many understand what perfection means differs from person to person.

” Your desire for perfection is the cause of anger. Leave enough room for imperfection. Perfection in action is almost impossible”.

There are some aspects in life people always have to get directions.

If you assume everyone must be born perfect then you’re probably mistaking.
The vision of perfection is quite different from one person to another.

You might want your partner to be perfect in cooking while some other time you expect them to be perfect in spoken English.


You can assume a white guy would be very perfect in speaking simple but correct English without flaws but can’t say the same for an Indian.

In life, your vision of perfection should be limited to certain things and certain people.

Nevertheless, if you expect everyone around you to be perfect in everything, you might end up disappointed.

The only perfect creator is God because he made mankind without any flaws and everyone is created perfectly.

That’s the perfect example of the vision of perfection. God saw the future and how perfect it would be, made man in His image to rule it.

Your Vision of perfection in your organization.

There comes a time when you start working and striving to make ends meet, you meet different people as you progress on in life.

The one thing you should never forget is that there’s nowhere on Earth you will find someone with 100% perfection in their life.

You as the boss in your organization, have different people working for you and each has their respective teams trying to hit perfection in that field.

You don’t give Mr. A’s work to Mr. B, everyone working under you has their specifications and obligations to your organization, which is to work smart in their respective fields of work.

Even the greatest technician still finds fault in their designs, not because they aren’t good at what they do but because the human mind and body are bound to make mistakes.

Your vision of perfection in a relationship.

You do realize that as a couple your partner can’t be perfect in everything right.?

So what do you do? Make room for imperfection because no matter how you view it your relationship will still have some imperfect cases.

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Bill Gates and Belinda Gates who started the journey of perfection for years still had to file for a divorce after 27 years of marriage.

This alone shows there’s no perfect relationship whatsoever.

For instance, if you are dating a foreign girl who does know much about how things are done in your home town you teach them.

You don’t expect your partner to know everything about you simply because you are together.

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There are some things they need enough tutoring to master.

You can do this in a cool manner that doesn’t sound disrespectful or brings about the argument.

Your Vision of perfection in academics.

When it comes to doing with academics pursuit, a lot of people don’t find it interesting.!

Why is it so? Your vision of perfection in academics differs from person to person because not everyone has the necessary funding to pursue these.

Many either stop on the way because of the lack of enough money to pursue some of these careers.

While others never tried at but because of lack of jobs opportunities after graduating from school, instead they focus that energy on learning one trade or the other.

These days parents Vision of perfection in academics has lingered them to feel other kids are far better of than theirs because of the basic education.

Although the vision of perfection in academics pursuit is very much great because without academics one wouldn’t have some of the basic knowledge needed in some fields of work.

For example.

No matter how passionate you are about Medicine or being a Surgeon, Dentist or even a Pharmacist, without the basic academics learning and teaching you can’t become a practitioner since there’s no legal license issued to you.

Those who don’t have the opportunity to go acquire  knowledge in school, but still find pleasure in doing something tangible should also be appreciated.

A lot of parents practice unhealthy comparisons which make such a person feel unacceptable in a family because of lack of education.

The vision of perfection in academics doesn’t just end in school premises, we learn every day even on the radio, television, and the Internet.

Nowadays one can enroll in an online class during free time and still acquire the ideas of the necessary academic.

Your Vision of perfection as a leader.

Every responsible leader does that which brings growth to the people he is leading and to himself.

Before anybody is appointed for the position of a leader, the nominees must have seen some rare qualities in him or her.

Leaders aren’t meant to exploit their followers but to make things work for the betterment of every single person.

Your vision of perfection as a leader is to achieve the following.

  1. Harmony among those you lead.
  2. A good leader listens to advice and implements them.
  3. Treat every single one of your followers as equal.
  4. Speak boldly when approaching a burning issue.
  5. Inquire from your followers on how to improve your services to them.

So many leaders in different positions make a lot of promises just to get voted for and after getting the desired positions they abandon their initial proposals or campaign promises.

This doesn’t speak well of you as a leader, they don’t care about what anybody thinks.

All they care about is how to exploit the people and loot loads of money for selfish interests.

Your vision of perfection in your everyday life.

A wise man once said, whatever you find joy doing in your everyday life speaks about how your future looks like.

Your vision of perfection in things you do daily summarizes how tomorrow will be for you.

If you find saving more convenient than spending unnecessarily, then you are perfect in thinking about the future.

What your tomorrow holds starts with how you take different actions today.

How do you view your tomorrow? What actions are you taking to make sure you have a bright and well-structured tomorrow?

Do you just sit back and let things just flow? What vision do you have and how are you making sure it is almost perfect.?

The vision of Perfection Quotes.

“Love is the vision of perfection. even when all perfection has been revealed as falsehood” Kenneth Garth McKenzie.

“Just look at me! Beauty, Style. A little vision of perfection. I love myself and that’s enough” Maryse Ouellet.


Your vision and how you structure it to perfection matter. There’s no perfect being on Earth but everyone strives to reach that peak.


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