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Willem Wolfe Broad Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Billy Idol’s Son

Willem Wolf Broad Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wiki, father, sibling

Willem Wolfe Broad Biography (Wiki)

 Willem Wolfe Broad is best known for being the son of English singer, Billy Idol. His father was very popular in the early 1970’s for his music career.

Billy Idol was a lead singer and band member of the famous “Generation X” group. Billy idol gained international recognition as a solo artist and was known on the MTV-driven “Second British Invasion” in the United States. Anyways, let’s take a look at Willem and all about him.

Willem Wolfe was born on 15 June 1988 (Age: 35 years old), in Los Angeles, California US. His parents are Billy Idol and Perri Lister.

Wolfe Broad has another half sibling and they were both raised by separate mothers. His other half sister’s name is called, Bonnie Blue. We currently don’t have much information about Bonnie Blue aside being the half sibling of Willem..

Willem Wolfe has an Aunt and her name is Jane Broad. His grandparents from both sides of his parents are, Joan Broad, Bill Broad, Gail Kendall, Bert Lister.

Willem Wolfe Broad Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wiki, father, sibling

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What is Willem Wolfe Broad Age and Birthday?

He was born on June 15, 1988 (Age: 35 years old). He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California U.S.A, alongside his half sibling, Bonnie Blue.


Willem Wolfe Broad Personal Life 

Wolf Broad isn’t married as at the time we last Updated this article. Although he might be in a relationship. However he is a lead singer and member of the rock band FIM.

The band was formed back in 2009 and it consist of a group of singers. Willem Wolfe Broad being the lead vocalist, Nick Biddle as the guitarist and backup vocalist, Brandon Rauch as the lead guitar, backing vocals, Trevor Roberts-Aaronson– as the bass, backing vocals, and Brian Terata as the drummer and percussionist.

According to sources, Willem and his band perform all sorts of music genres and they are amazing at what they do.

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What is Willem Wolfe Broad Net Worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $2 million to $5 million. And his source of income is main from his music career and other personal investments. His father, Billy idol has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Who is Billy Idol, Willem Wolfe’s Father? 

Let’s take a quick look at billy idol’s biography. According to sources, Billy has never been married, however, he has been in a couple of failed relationships.

Maybe due to his alcoholic problems. Well, reports claim that Billy and Perri Lister were merely dating when they had their children before they got separated. From our sources, during 1980’s, an American Model held a press conference claiming to be Billy’s girlfriend.

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Same period, Perri Lister also held a press conference claiming she has always been and will be Billy’s girlfriend. In 1988, their son, Willem Wolfe was born, the following year, 1989 they separated.. Billy also has a daughter, Bonnie Blue, from a relationship with Linda Mathis.

“On  February 6, 1990 while returning home from Hollywood, Willem Wolf Broad’s father was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that nearly cost him a leg. He was hit by a car when he ran a stop sign while riding home from the studio one night, requiring a steel rod to be placed in his leg. Prior to this, film director Oliver Stone had chosen Idol for the role of Jim Morrison‘s drinking pal Cat in his film The Doors, but the accident prevented idol from participating in a major way and Idol’s role was reduced to a small part.

 He had been James Cameron‘s first choice for the role of the villainous T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day; the role was recast as a result of the accident.

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Billy idol Alcoholism and Drugs overdose 

Idol has struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. His drug history includes heroin and cocaine. In his 2014 memoir, he stated that he had many experiences of passing out in nightclubs and waking up in hospitals.

In 1994, Idol collapsed outside a Los Angeles nightclub due to an overdose of the drug GHB. After the incident, Willem Wolf’s father decided that his children would never forgive him for dying of a drug overdose, and he ceased his drug use.

In 2014, Idol stated that he had not taken hard drugs since 2003, but added that he smoked marijuana regularly and was an occasional drinker.”

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In 2018, Idol became an American citizen during a ceremony in Los Angeles, while retaining his British citizenship. Around 2020, his daughter Bonnie gave birth to his first grandchild, a daughter, Poppy Rebel, and in 2022, another granddaughter, Mary Jane.

FAQs About Willem Wolfe Broad 

Born: 15 June 1988 (age 35 years)
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
Parents: Billy Idol, Perri Lister
Siblings: Bonnie Blue
Aunt: Jane Broad
Grandparents: Joan Broad, Bill Broad, Gail Kendall, Bert Lister
What’s Willem Wolfe’s Instagram:  His handle is @WillemWolfe

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