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Noah Galuten Bio, Net Worth: Iliza Shlesinger’s Husband

Noah Galuten Net Worth and Biography, wife, career

Who is Noah Galuten?

Let’s take you through a 5 mins walk to know more about Noah Galuten Net Worth and Biography, and relationship with Iliza Shlesinger.

Noah Galuten is a famous American Actor, Chef, Writer and a loving husband. He was born on September 21, 1982. Age 40 years ago. Noah has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

He is not just an actor as many know him for, he is also a professional chef. Though this is a major career which has made many famous celebrities rich.  We can still say that his fame has a link with his marriage ties with Iliza.

There are some other facts about Galuten which is not known by his fans; Mr. Galuten is a professional writer and chef in a very well established restaurant.

With all this it proved some points about Noah and his struggle to live a buoyant and luxurious lifestyle.

Subsequently, this also spiked the love his wife iliza has for him as a real man. One who can really take care of his family without always involving his wife iliza.

Noah Galuten Net Worth and Biography, wife, career

Noah Galuten full biography

Full name: Noah Galuten


Date of birth: September 21,1982

Place of birth: Santa Monica California

Age: 40 years of age

The famous celebrity, Noah is a 39 years old American Actor and Chef. While growing into adulthood, he enjoyed his teenage and childhood days as he was born into a wealthy family. His father’s name is Alby Galuten.

Alby Galuten was not just your regular famous man he was a Grammy award winner, songwriter and a musician. He did very good in his career as a producer also.

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Noah Galuten’s Family ( Parents and Siblings)

Noah’s mum goes by the name Nancy Lyons, she famous in her career path for being a garden designer. This was her life work; she designs all sorts of outdoor garden in her state at Los Angeles.

Noah also had some siblings whom he grew up with he had a brother named– Jason and step sister haslip

Jason the older brother to Noah happened to take after his father by becoming a musician. His passion surfaced as he was growing into adult hood.  He discovered he has  passion for music just like his father Alby Galuten.

Iliza’s husband Noah attended the Santa Monica high school and he also graduated there. He also furthered by going into the university at Los Angeles, California. There he studied a l theater Art since he had passion in that field.

He also graduated from that university later in 2004. After then he also decide to study dramaturgy that was in New York but unfortunately he was not successful in this one so he diverted to do some other things that might help him.

Noah Galuten height and body size

He has an average height of 5 feet and 10 inches. His body weight is around 70kg. He wears size 9 in shoes.

Some other body features

Skin color: Fair in complexion

Eyes color: Brown

Hair: black

 Noah Galuten’s Career: iliza Schlesinger spouse

Galuten has always wanted to venture into dramaturgy but due to his big failure, that gave space for him to try out being a chef as a career. He had a food blog before his passion for food made him a chef.

He named his blog  “Man bites world” which portray what his obsession is about.

Noah Galuten Career

He is not only considered a chef, he is and adventure lover. Noah traveled outside of his home country to various places to learn more about varieties of foods from every source he could possibly learn from.

He never forgot to document his food discoveries and recipes inside his blog, he did this for some time till he went viral due to his quest and love for food.

Due to his addiction to food, his blog made him famous and helped him secure a job in the Golden state restaurant group.

 Noah Galuten was also in charge of Buldos bar and Que locations as if it was not enough he was also in charge of Cofax and prime pizza which is in Los Angeles.

The chef’s writing was not only on his blogs alone. But he as well have also written and published some books, their names are below:

• Modern recipes for home kitchen

• On Vegetables

Noah went so far that he has been featured in a tv show called “chopped” which was showed on there food network for their star episode.

iliza vie shlesinger biography

Noah Galuten’s wife Iliza you Vie Schlesinger is an American comedienne and actress. She was born on February 22, 1983 in Dallas, Texas.

She is from a Jewish family. During her teenage years, she attended a private school named Greenhill which was in Addison, Texas.

Iliza also studied language in school. She choosed to study Spanish and mandarin Chinese as her 2 personal language combo.

She also performed in the Dallas comedy sports. Schlesinger later jumped into the university of Kansas that was where she went ahead to studied as a freshman.

Vie also participated in an abroad program which took place on a cruise ship. You can imagine the fun right!

Later on, she took a decision to go into the movie industry as she went to Emerson, a college which is situated in Boston. There she decided to go into movie fully as a course.

She graduated from emerson college and decided to move to los Angeles CA. There she joined a group known as white boys in their comedy skits.

Iliza continued to rise to greatness until she featured at “The improve” in Hollywood that was in 2007

She also made it through by winning my space contest “so ya think ya funny the contest”. This contest played a vital role in her career.

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Some of her other big wins awards are all listed below;

  • E! Forbes network #100 celebrity
  • America’s Tv guide next top rated producer
  • Season 24, season 18 of comedy central
  • New York stand up show by john Oliver
  • History of jokes comics unleashed by Byron Allen

Noah Galuten and iliza Schlesinger relationship and Personal Life.

It’s really hard to believe that the two love birds met through an ordinary love app. Noah and iliza met through a dating app.

Iliza though never used her original name, she used a name pseudo, although she later revealed her true identity to him.

That’s when the love started as they set up a date and from there on they started seeing each other from time to time. The relationship started growing and waxing very strong. Not long they were engaged and also decided to tie the knot.

Their marriage ceremony was conducted in the Jewish tradition in 2018. The wedding ceremony of Noah Galuten and iliza Schlesinger took place in Los Angeles, South park city centre.

Noah Galuten Net Worth

The celebrity chef, Noah Galuten has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He was able to make it this far through his hard work and consistency in his career as a chef and an actor and as well a good food blogger.

He was once a weekly columnist with the Los Angeles weekly squid ink, there he was able to write more about some various topics that are closely related to food.

I bet you that he lives a life of his dreams without following the footstep of his father and his younger brother Jason that went into being a musician.

It is clear to understand that the decision he took to becoming a chef was what inspired the relationship he had with his spouse iliza Schlesinger. It was as if it was destiny that brought them together through a dating app.

They really had a serious relationship together when they were dating which was the reason why they wasted no time to get into marriage ties.

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