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5 Signs A Nigerian Man Wants You in His Life Forever

5 Signs A Man Wants You in His Life Forever

Have you been able to know the major signs a man wants you in his life forever? When dating, there comes a time when you’d eventually want to spice things up or take the relationship to another level. What if the guy you’re currently dating doesn’t see a future with you? How do you know this in time without wasting your time in the relationship or ‘situationship’?.

Prioritizing Beyond the Surface

At times, we enjoy the good parts of dating and forget that there are more important things than cuddles, date nights, eating, and sleeping together, etc. What if your personality doesn’t match that of the guy you’re dating? Defining the future of your relationship within one or two years of being together is advisable.

5 Signs A Man Wants You in His Life Forever

Long-Term Compatibility Assessment

Can you put up with that person in the long run? Would you still be interested and in love after being married for two to three years? After asking yourself all these questions, you should come to a conclusion regarding the final question: “How do I know if he wants me in his life as a partner?

5 Signs That Speak Volumes

1. Inclusive Future Plans

He is very inclusive of you in his future plans. Before he thinks of doing something in the future, he asks for your opinion and what you think about his plans. He uses ‘us’ rather than ‘me’ in his words. You would be an important part of his future that he doesn’t want to go into without. He makes plans about businesses you two would run together, how many kids you two would have, household gadgets that you’d also like, and different things that would make you feel accepted into his life. Men don’t waste unnecessary time with women they don’t want a future with.

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2. Openness About Marriage

One of the signs you should pay close attention to is that when a man wants you in his life forever, he talks about marriage plans with you. A man who loves you has likely already seen a future with you within a few years of being together. Once in a while, he asks you about your ideal age for getting married and the type of man you want. If he has a type of character he thinks you might not like, you’ll see him trying very hard to change and become a better person.

3. Genuine Investment

He invests in you. If you want to finish your education and he has the means to help you, you’ll see him investing in your future, such as your education. Your future with him is secure if he runs a business and wants you to learn the basics of it. A man wouldn’t randomly pick a girl on the street and start investing in her. He knows you have potential, and so you become a priority in his life.


4. Thoughtful Attention

He pays attention to things that matter to you. Men tend to forget a lot, but not when it comes to the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. A clear sign that he wants you as a future partner is that he never forgets important things to you, like your birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant occasions.

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5. Focused Commitment

Another sign that your man wants you in his life forever is that he doesn’t have eyes on other women. He knows the boundaries he shouldn’t cross because it might tarnish his reputation or hurt your heart and relationship. There’s always a fear of him losing you because you mean so much to him. Lastly, he doesn’t make you feel jealous by being overly close with other women.

Final Thoughts

There are good men out there who are willing to love and cherish their dream girl and eventually make her the envy of everyone. If your boyfriend is still hustling and working hard for the future, all you need to do is support and encourage him. Sooner or later, you’ll be the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.


Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two from these 5 signs that your man wants you in his life forever. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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