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Saying goodbye even when it hurts

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Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

February 2019 was one year I can never forget in a hurry. From the beginning, loving can make you see yourselves like you’re getting married the next day. But that difficult goodbye can also come unexpectedly.

I did no wrong but to love with all my heart. She was my all in one and everything in between. The decision to say goodbye wasn’t mine to make but a compulsory pill I had to swallow.

On several occasions I went to her, with the intention to break up with her because we weren’t compatible. Her cute face, her smile, the way she called my name. Everything about her weakened the morale I wanted to break the news to her.

Even though I still love her, I had to take the bold step so that we won’t suffer in the future. Like a coward I fled the night. While on my way to the city, I looked back and imagine the tears she would cry. I felt pain all over my body. It was as if I felt the same pains she felt.

I still remember seeing her calls and ignoring them. I left her messages unread and couldn’t respond to her messages. My world was shattered.


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