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Seun Osewa Net Worth and Biography, Age, Career, Wiki, Nairaland CEO and Founder

Seun Osewa Worth and Biography, Age, Career, Wiki

Who is Seun Osewa?

Seun Osewa is a famous Nigerian Tech Guru, businessman as well as a programmer and webmaster. He is the founder and CEO of Nairaland.

Nairaland is the largest online forum in Nigeria and Africa with over 2 billion monthly visits. According to Alexa ranking, the website was the most visited Nigerian and African Site until 2015.

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The experienced businessman Seun Osewa was born on 17th December 1982, and he is 40 years old as at the time of writing this article. Seun was raised in the city of Lagos, which is located in Nigeria.

Osewa began his education at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), formerly known as the University of Ile Ife, with the intention of majoring in electrical engineering. However, he left his studies a few years later in order to concentrate on internet business. 

Seun Osewa Worth and Biography, Age, Career, Wiki

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Age and Birthday 

 Seun Osewa was born on the 17th of December 1982, which means that he is 40 years old as at the time of writing this article.


Personal Life

People who know Seun Osewa well might describe him as overly intellectual, obsessive, or introverted. 

Seun was raised in a Christian household, but he considers himself an atheist at this point in his life.

Although no one is able to say for certain whether or not Seun Osewa is married, information that is readily available suggests that he has never been married and does not have any children.

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Net Worth

As of 2024, Seun Osewa has an estimated net worth of $5 Million, which places him in the position of one of the richest bloggers in Africa, same level with Linda Ikeji and Uche Eze Pedro.


Seun began his career in technology in the year 2003, focusing entirely on the web hosting sector of the industry. He had tried to launch a web hosting company, but after some time, he realized that he wasn’t making any progress.

As a result, he ran out of money, and the idea was abandoned. In the course of an interview, he discussed how the concept might have been able to endure if he had better managed his financial resources or located additional funding to keep the business going.

 Seun Osewa spent his childhood and was born in a community that had a strong interest in science and technology. His interest in the technological world was fostered as a result of this. In 1998, Seun became a student at the esteemed Obafemi Awolowo university with the intention of majoring in Electrical Engineering.

However, he did not see his program through to its ending. Seun made the choice to abandon his education in order to pursue his passion for programming full-time. He is a very successful webpreneur today.

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