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Peter Diamandis Net Worth and Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Wiki

Peter Diamandis Net Worth and Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Wiki

Who is Peter Diamandis?

Peter H Diamandis (born May 20, 1961) is a Greek-American marketer, engineer, physician, and entrepreneur best known for founding and chairing the X Prize Foundation, co-founding and executive chairman of Singularity University, and co-authoring The New York Times bestsellers Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, The Future Is Faster Than You Think, How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives.

He is the former CEO and cofounder of Zero Gravity Corporation, cofounder and vice chairman of Space Adventures Ltd., founder and chairman of the Rocket Racing League, cofounder of the International Space University, cofounder of Planetary Resources, cofounder of Celularity, founder of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, vice chairman and cofounder of Human Longevity, Inc., and vice chairman and cofounder of Human Longevity, Inc.

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Biography and Early Life 

Diamandis was born in New York’s Bronx. His parents, both Greek immigrants, worked in medicine. His father was a doctor. Diamandis displayed a strong interest in space exploration from a young age. He began giving space lectures to his family and friends when he was eight years old.

Peter received first prize in the Estes Rocket Design Competition at the age of 12 for developing a launch system capable of simultaneously launching three rockets.

Peter attended Hamilton College for his first year after graduating from Great Neck North High School in 1979, then transferred to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study biology and physics.

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Diamandis cofounded Students for the Exploration and Development of Space during his second year at MIT in 1980.


He attended Harvard Medical School after graduating from MIT in 1983. During his second year of medical school, he cofounded the Space Generation Foundation to promote projects and activities that would assist the “Space Generation”—all those born after Sputnik’s flight—in leaving the earth.

He returned to MIT in 1986 to obtain a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics, performing research at NASA Johnson Space Center, the MIT Man Vehicle Laboratory, and MIT’s Whitehead Biomedical Institute. According to sources, Diamandis returned to Harvard for his M.D. after finishing his M.S. at MIT.

Diamandis was the managing director of the International Space University and the CEO of International Micro Space, a microsatellite launch company, during his final year of medical school in 1989.

Peter Diamandis Net Worth and Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Wiki

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Age and Birthday

Peter Diamandis is a well-known entrepreneur who was born on May 20, 1961. In 2023, he will be 62 years old.

Personal Life

Diamandis married Kristen Hladecek in 2004, after proposing in 2004. They have twin boys who were born in 2012.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Peter Diamandis has an estimated net worth of  $230 million.


Peter Diamandis and his colleagues ‘Robert Richards, Todd Hawley, and Walter Anderson’ co-founded the ‘International Space University’ in 1987.

Following that, Peter Diamandis co-founded ‘Microsat Launch Systems,’ which he subsequently renamed ‘International Microspace Inc.’.

In 1991, Peter founded his third company, ‘Constellation Communication Inc.’.

‘X PRIZE’ was Peter’s fourth company, which he founded in 1994. Another astonishing company, ‘Zero Gravity Corporation’ has been created by Peter Diamandis.

Significantly, Peter Diamandis has founded other additional firms, including ‘BlastOff! Corporation,’ ‘Rocket Racing League,’ ‘Singularity University,’ and many more.

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