Who is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

Dwayne Dawkins is an infamous American Pastor who is zealous about spreading the gospel and leading people to salvation. He grew up in New York in a Christian family where he was taught to do the right thing so that he would not offend God.

He joined the military at the age of 14 and served for a while before returning to fulfill his God-given purpose.

 Pastor Dwayne taught in New York public schools for eight years before becoming a student counsellor at one of the colleges.

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Pastor Dwayne Dawkins spent his childhood in New York City, where he was raised in a Christian family and received significant spiritual guidance from his great-grandparents.

He received the call to the ministry,  and ever since then, he has been serving others and providing them with experiences that transform their lives all over the world. He served as the head of the Churches of God State Youth Organization’s General Assembly for Eastern New York. 

Pastor Dawkins was brought up in a Christian household, and his great-grandparents were a significant spiritual impact on him. His mother, father, and grandparents were all devout Christians who saw to it that Richard Dawkins was brought up in a moral and ethical manner.

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Age and Birthday 

There is no information available regarding his age, nor is there any information on the date on which he was born at this time.

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Church, Family, Leaked Viral Video

Personal Life

Pastor Dwayne is married to Mrs. Tamia Dwayne, and the couple has 3 sons. Nathanael, Dyclne and D.H Dawkins. 

Net Worth

As of right now, there is no information available on his net worth.

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Church

He served as pastor of the Church Of God New York Branch and as president of the church’s New York General Assembly. Dwayne Haskins was in charge of the church’s youngsters and had a big influence on them.

He is presently with the Praise International Church in Florida.

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Pastor Dwayne started his ministry when he was still a young man, and ever since then, he has been using the power of his sermons to change the lives of others. He served as the head of the Churches of God State Youth Organization’s General Assembly for Eastern New York. 

He has been serving as the senior pastor of Praise Tabernacle International in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 2006, and he never ceases to awe and motivate the congregation with the sermons that he delivers. Regrettably, very little further is known about the career that he has.

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