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What is Leonard Ellerbe Net Worth and Biography 2024

Leonard Ellerbe Net Worth 2022, bio, wife and children

Who is Leonard Ellerbe?

Leonard Ellerbe is a famous American Businessman, Financial Advisor and Amateur Boxer who was born and raised in Washington DC in  September, 1965. As of 2024, Leonard Ellerbe has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Leonard is best known for being the CEO of Mayweather productions and he is also the financial advisor of popular American boxer, Floyd Mayweather. In his career as a financial advisor, Leonard is also known for helping boxers save more of their flight money than they could have done in the past.

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Leonard Ellerbe biography (Wiki) and career.

Ellerbe first met Floyd Mayweather’s family in Las Vegas, Nevada and ever since then things have been moving so well with them. He was raised in a low income household in Washington DC but with consistency and perseverance he has made a name for himself.

Leonard Ellerbe has been in charge of setting up Mayweather’s appearances on television shows as well as on WWE broadcasts.

Leonard is married to Thatcher Mavis, his long time sweetheart and they have two children together. A boy and a girl named after Leonard’s parents. His parents’ names are Emer and Nokatta Ellerbe.

Most of Leonard’s net worth is gotten from his career achievement and his business line. He was an amateur boxer which paid him a lot of money and set him up for Life.

Being a financial advisor has also made him very much needed because he helps lots of boxers know what type of investment to do with their money.


FAQs about Leonard Ellerbe

What is Leonard’s Age?

He was born on September 6,1965 and he is 58 years old.

Who is Leonard Ellerbe’s wife?

He is married to Thatcher Mavis.

Who are Leonard’s parents?

His parents names are Emer and Nokatta Ellerbe.

What are the names of Leonard Ellerbe’s children

Nokatta Ellerbe and Emer Ellerbe.

What’s Leonard’s height?

He is 5ft 9inches tall (1.75 m)

What’s Leonard’s Ellerbe net worth 2024?

He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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