Connie Kline is a retired Air force veteran and High school teacher who served five years in the US Air force Base. She’s also known as the mother of the popular model Corinne Foxx.

Kline was also an American high school teacher at North Carolina and Manhattan high. She came to the limelight after her relationship with Jamie Foxx an American Actor, Singer, and comedian.

The relationship between Connie and Jamie Foxx was blessed with a baby girl named Corinne Foxx.

Connie Kline and Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx and Connie Kline

Connie Kline Biography

Connie Kline was born on the 20th of January 1969, and she is 53 years old as of 2022. Connie’s birthplace is believed to be California, USA, and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Kline had her high school education in California, although full details about her education have not yet been disclosed as of date.

Connie Kline Career

As mentioned above, Connie was in the US Air Force for five years and she is also retired from her teaching job as a high school teacher.

Currently, the Retired Air force veteran now works as an accountant and financial advisor at CK Financial services; which is an institute for tax purposes. Connie’s job here is to render financial / tax advice to her clients.

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What is Connie Kline’s Net Worth?

Currently, there are no details regarding her net worth, but we know she was in the US Air Force, a high school teacher and currently working as a financial advisor.

As the mother of Corinne Foxx, the daughter of Jamie Foxx, she’s entitled to some financial benefits but we don’t know the exact amount. There’s no specific amount about her estimated net worth.

Public Profile

Name: Connie Kline

Date of birth: 20 Jan.1969

Age: 53 years old as of 2022

Gender: Female

Birthplace: California, USA.

Famous as: Corinne Foxx mother

Profession: Accountant, ( US Air Force Veteran and Teacher)

Resident: Los Angeles, California

Nationality: USA

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Net Worth: Nil

Height: 5’7′

Weight: Kil; 65 kg, Pds; 144 lbs

Measurements: 34-25-34

Hair color: Dark brown

Eyes color: Hazel eyes

Shoe size: ( US): 6

Connie’s Body Measurements and socials.

She’s 5’7′ ( 5ft 7inches) tall and has a bodyweight of 65kg. She has Hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

There’s also nothing much to say about her social media platforms except Instagram where she’s rarely active. @ConnieKline.

Family background, Siblings, and relationship status.

As of 2022, there’s no information about Connie Kline family background as most of the details are kept private. Except for the fact that she’s the mother of Corinne Foxx.

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After her child with Jamie Foxx, she’s been single as there’s no info whether or not she remarried.

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