Judith Lorraine lynch Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career

Who is Judith Lorraine?

Judith Lorraine Lynch was just a woman who was in love when she found herself caught up in one of the most talked-about serial crimes in the history of the United States. The reason for this was because she was married to Gary Ridgway.  

As the third wife of convicted American serial killer Gary Ridgway, Judith Lorraine Lynch has gained a significant amount of notoriety. Her husband was found guilty of 49 different murders when they were tried together. 

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Judith Lorraine Lynch is a well-known figure due to her status as the third wife of convicted American serial killer Gary Ridgway. Her husband was found guilty in 49 separate homicide cases. The marriage between Judith and Gary lasted for 14 years before Judith decided to seek for divorce after her husband was arrested.

There is no other known information about her biography or where she was born. We will keep you updated once we get information about her biography. 

Judith Lorraine lynch Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career

Age and Birthday 

Judith is 78 years old as at the time of writing this article..

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Personal Life

Lorraine Lynch and Gary Ridgway were married in a private ceremony on June 12, 1988. Both friends and family members attended their beautiful but small wedding. Both of Ridgway’s parents, M Thomas Newton Ridgway 1923-1998 & F Mary Rita Steinman 1928-2001, attended their reception. Following the banquet and after-party, the bride and groom were sent off on their honeymoon.

Judith and her husband, Gary, did not have any children. She does, however, have two kids from her former marriage, Marie Lynch and Rachel Lynch. Rigway’s son, Matthew Ridgway, was her stepson.

Net Worth 

According to estimates, Judith Lorraine Lynch has a net worth of at least $250,000.

Judith Lorraine lynch Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career


After the year 2001, Gary’s DNA was found to match the DNA of some of the victims’ saliva. Judith, on the other hand, did not leave him despite the fact that she believed the authorities had the incorrect suspect in custody. 

After then, Judith Lynch listened to Gary’s testimony, and after that, she made the decision to end the marriage by filing for divorce. Gary entered a guilty plea to all 49 counts of murder in the first degree. 

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