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The Future Mrs. Guide to Engagement Photo Attire

The Future Mrs. Guide to Engagement Photo Attire

Are you and your photographer preparing for your engagement shoot? In addition to providing you with beautiful images for your save-the-dates, wedding website, or to frame and post online, these lighthearted shoots are a great way to get to know your wedding photographer before the big day. The location of your engagement photo shoot, as well as the clothes you and your fiance will wear, should be discussed in advance with your photographer. For any couple that wants to look stylish, carefree, and natural in their engagement photos, I have compiled a helpful guide with top styling tips.

You should include details from your special day. Why not let your wedding’s color scheme or theme dictate your choice of dress? If you intend to use your engagement pictures on your website or save-the-date cards, they will look even better if you use the same color scheme throughout.

The Future Mrs. Guide to Engagement Photo Attire

Put together a well-coordinated ensemble.

You’ll most definitely choose a stunning outfit for yourself, but you should also give as much consideration to your partner’s ensemble. As you assist him in making a dashing clothing choice, remember that it is just as important that he wear something that makes him feel good about himself. You should avoid dressing too similarly, as that can come off as forced and cheesy. One way to avoid looking like Tweedle Dee and Dum while still presenting as a stylish couple is to dress in complementary colors.

Exhibit your attractiveness.

You’ll want to feel proud of the final product when you look back on these pictures. Engagement Photo Dresses in the clothes that you feel best show off your best features, as this shoot is a great opportunity to showcase your best assets. Wear some cute heels to draw attention to your beautiful feet, or pick a sleeveless dress to show off your toned arms like Michelle Obama.

Be coziest you can.

Whatever you decide to wear, it is essential that you both feel good and look good in the clothes you choose. And if that means you both wind up in jeans and button-downs, so be it; the genuineness of your joy will show through no matter how casual the setting. It is possible to find a solution that is both practical for moving and aesthetically pleasing in photographs, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Complete your make-up routine.

Make use of your bridal makeup trial by having it done for your engagement photo dresses. This is a great time to get a facial if you plan on having professional makeup done for your wedding; you’ll want to schedule a trial run in advance. Skipping the professional makeup application for your wedding day? No problem! A little concealer, some mascara, and a pinch of blush will have you looking radiant and beautiful. Because digital cameras are so sensitive, it is essential that both you and your partner arrive for the session looking your best. You should probably get your dude to shave and do his hair, too.

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Act like a pair by dressing similarly.

Choosing a fabulous floor-length gown with sequined details? You’ll want to make sure your fiancé is suitably formal.  You can be sure that you won’t look like a unified couple if he chooses to dress for the day in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Whatever you choose to wear, you should all appear dressed for the same event, so it’s important to coordinate your ensembles.

Think about how your clothes will move.

To achieve ethereal, dreamlike photographs, it is recommended to wear clothing that has movement and breathability, such as a dress that can move in the wind. Clothing can look very different depending on environmental factors like lighting and wind, so finding a photographer who can account for these nuances is crucial.

Adore the Stuff You Wear

It’s important that both you and your fiance feel comfortable and confident in the clothes you choose to wear on your wedding day. After you’ve put on an item of clothing, you shouldn’t have to waste time fiddling with its fit or adjusting its hem or neckline. Pick out pieces that boost your self-assurance so you can relax and enjoy a successful session.


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