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Davido’s Wedding Vs Bella Adenuga’s Wedding in 2010 which is the Biggest?

Davido's Wedding Vs Bella Adenuga's Wedding in 2010 which is the Biggest?

A trending question in the billionaire sphere is currently regarding Davido’s wedding vs. Bella Adenuga’s 2010 wedding, which remains one of the biggest in Nigeria. Bella Adenuga is the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Mike Adenuga, a business mogul and investor.

In April 2010, Nigerians witnessed what seemed like one of the biggest weddings in history, attended by thousands of people worldwide, including friends, family, and well-wishers.

How long did Bella Adenuga’s wedding last?

For over four weeks, Bella Disu’s wedding was the talk of the town, and the wedding planner was none other than Funmi Victor Okigbo, founder of the wedding planning event company called “The Company.”

There were unconfirmed rumors that over 5000 guests attended the wedding ceremony starting from the first week.

Journalists across the country joined in broadcasting the event, and for over a decade, it has been one of the most talked-about weddings. At that time, Mike Adenuga was known to have been very successful, and he is still very successful today, but there are other billionaires who have joined the league as well.

Bella Disu Adenuga
Bella Disu daughter of Mike Adenuga

Who is Bella Adenuga’s husband?

Bella Disu Adenuga got In April 2010, she married Jameel Disu.

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Davido and Chioma wedding #Chivido2024 

On Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the son of businessman and Nigerian billionaire David Adeleke of the Adeleke family, known for their family wealth and his Afrobeat music career, tied the knot with his bride Mrs. Chioma Adeleke in holy matrimony. Davido’s wedding ceremony, which was attended by thousands of people, including famous celebrities from across the world, has now overthrown Bella Adenuga’s wedding as the biggest.


Davido’s wedding, which is being streamed worldwide on different social media platforms, has gained over a million well-wishers.

With the trending hashtags #Chivido2024, the event has become one of the biggest in Nigeria’s history. 

Adedeji Adeleke, Davido’s father, flew to Nigeria on his private jet to attend his son’s wedding. The Adelekes are known for their massive wealth and roles in society. Governor Ademola Adeleke, Davido’s Uncle was also in attendance, along with top footballers and singers from across the country.

Souvenirs given out at Davido’s and ChefChi wedding 

There are unconfirmed rumors that “Free Samsung Galaxy S Fold Worth $1700” were given out as souvenirs to everyone in attendance to avoid taking poor quality photos. There are also claims that  Samsung sponsored that aspect in regards to their partnership with Davido.

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