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Flávia Big Big Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Career, Family

Flávia Big Big Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Career, Family

Who is Flávia Big Big?

Flávia Big Big was a well-known and skilled transgender influencer with over 349,000 Instagram followers. She was a Natal native who garnered over 380 million TikTok views in 2021, making her the most-watched trans woman in the world. 

She created amusing contents but was best recognized for her viral memes. Her gentle nature and upbeat spirit helped her gain popularity in Brazil. 

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Flávia Big Big Cause of death.

Flavia has been a patient at Natal’s University Hospital Onofre Lopes since being diagnosed with cancer in February. The influencer, who was diagnosed with lymphoma on March 5, also has lung issues, anemia, and other health issues. Big Big was transferred to University Hospital Onofre Lopes after being treated for cancer at Hospital Giselda Trigueiro (HGT). 

Big Big underwent pericardial drainage surgery on April 14 at the University Hospital Onofre Lopes in UFRN, which required intubation. Because of a severe ailment, the influencer required to be intubated shortly after surgery.

Flávia Big Big, a 26-year-old Brazilian social media star, died on May 8, 2023, in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. The death was verified by the Onofre Lopes University Hospital, where she was being treated. 

Fabiola Gomes also announced the death of the influencer’s sister on social media. According to the statement, Our Big’s sorrow is done.

She posted on Instagram Stories that she was visiting her heavenly father. On social media, numerous online personalities have applauded her. Her fans offered their condolences on social media as well.


Flávia Big Big Cause of Death, Bio, Age, Career, Family

Age and Birthday 

She was just 26 until her death.

Personal Life

Prior to his death, Flávia Big Big was not dating anyone. No records exist that confirm her previous relationships.

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Net Worth 

At the time of her death, Flávia Big Big had an estimated $1 million in net worth.


Just on Instagram, Flávia, who is originally from Natal, has amassed a following of 349,000 people. She has more over 380 million TikTok views in 2021, which established her as the trans woman with the most audience in the history of the platform. She was recognized for her hilarious memes, which went viral, and she produced content that was entertaining.


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