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Top 30+ Edo Names And Their Meaning— Benin Names

Edo names for boys and girls

33 Uncommon Edo, Benin City Names  And Their Meaning — Know your name and it’s meaning from our top list.

The Edo people are one of the most peaceful people in Nigeria, they have such heartwarming Names that’s so exquisite and breathtaking.

For centuries this tribe has been in existence and is located in the south-south part of the country. Their culture and ways of dressing says so much about their uniqueness.

They have quite a number of cute names for every child born of Edo. Each name represents the uniqueness of that child or person.

In today’s article, I will be listing about 33 Edo Names and their meanings for your children that will leave you speechless.

You must have heard some of them without knowing their meanings but today I will do you the honor.

Seat back and relax as I unveil these names. Below in the comments section, if you know any more names different from the ones listed here, you’re free to say them in the comments section.

Edo Names and their meanings

No.1. Adesuwa— Center of wealth


No.2. Ostelemi— Purity of heart

No.3. Eshiozemed— God did not let me fall

No.4. Esosa (Ese)— Goodness aka God’s gift

No.5. Efe— Wealth

No.6. Nosakhare (Nosa)— What God said aka God says

No.7. Iwinos (Wino)— The hand work of God

No.8. Osanohenrhun (Osahenrumwen)— The God that answers prayers

No.9. Ehinomen— Good destiny

No.10. Iwinosa— God’s will

No.11. Etinosa— God’s power

No.12. Ebieyuwa— Born into wealth

No.13. Emudianose— Stand for God

No.14. Ovaioza— One who is compassionate

No.15. Aisosa— No one is bigger than God

No.16. Itohan— Mercy

No.17. Idahosa— I will listen to God

No.18. Osemudiamen— God stands for me

No.19. Osasenaga— God is worthy to be praised

No.20. Olohitare— What God says

No.21. Nosayaba— God has joined

No.22. Eloghosa— Nothing is difficult for God

No.23. Ivie— Precious

No.24. Esele— Gift

No.25. Osose— God’s own

No.26. Osezua— It’s God that gives wealth

No.27. Oriname— He has done it for me

No.28. Ebuwa — In the midst of wealth

No.29. Eromosele— Answered prayers

No.30. Ojie— King aka born of royalty

No.31. Oyenmwen— Child is my strength

No.32. Osaivbie— God doesn’t sleep

No.33. Osakpolor, Osayande, Osarieme— God

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