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8 Daily Income Business Ideas In NIGERIA For Students 2024

Daily income business ideas in Nigeria

 Daily Income Business Ideas For Students in Nigeria

Find out the eight less expensive daily Income Business Ideas to start up as a student in NIGERIA. With the most, 10k or less you’re good to go.! It doesn’t matter wether you are a professional or newbie, as long as you put your mind in it you will make it.

Generally, starting any business is quite expensive especially when you are managing funds. Nevertheless, there are some really less expensive businesses you can choose to do with less than 10k.

Yeah it might sound impossible but it’s true. With just 10k there are many businesses you can start up in Nigeria as a student.
In other to scale through, you need more efforts and dedication plus a positive attitude and mindset.

“Knowing fully well that there’s no business which doesn’t need hard work and dedication”. It is always good to take loans to boost your  business if the capital isn’t much.

The following are some of the less expensive business ideas to start up as a Nigerian student.

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1. Popcorn Business.

I am sure you will agree with me that recently a lot of movies theatre and cinema are beginning to be established in Nigeria.
This is also a great place to start a popcorn business, as the demand from many people will be high.

70% of those who go to see a movie tag along a bag of popcorn, so why not you go into the business, It cost less than you can imagine.


2. Moi Moi Business

Moi moi which is gotten from crushed beans is a local food sold in Nigeria.
Like I said earlier, you need dedication to do some of this businesses as it is tedious.

The moi moi is less expensive but needs a lot of work. Starting from washing the beans and grinding it.
The demand for moi moi in the society is high as many have abandoned the business which has now become a gold mine.

Materials needed for this business include. Large pot, ingredients, water, nylon bag for packaging and fire. With 10k or less your business is set up.

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3. Freelancing Business

Freelancing business is not only for Nigerian or students. You can do it anywhere you are as far as you can read and write.
With less than 10k, you can start up freelancing. There are millions of people out there who needs the services of a freelancer.

Where you will need to spend a little money is if you want to Publicize your work in other to get the right people.
You can start from, this platform is open to all freelancers who want the world to notice their skills.

All you need to do is register with you Gmail and set up a profile and the right people will contact you. As a freelancer you can make roughly $2000 dollars or more per month.

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4. Drop shipping business.

This business is so cool to the extent that you don’t need to stress over anything.
Drop shipping business is all about contacting a manufacturer to give you certain amount of goods to sell to those you feel would need them.

All you need in this case is just to add a little amount of money to the initial price and get paid for your hustle.
Let’s take for instance if you know certain people who want to buy dresses, you can contact the manufacturer who sells at $8 then add at least $1 as your own price.

Imagine selling 50 pieces of such items. It’s real because many are making a fortune out of it. You can use the money you get here to set up other expensive businesses in Nigeria to yield more profit. For a student, this is a great daily income type of business you should consider.

5. Laundry Business.

You don’t need a special skill to start this business. Anybody can do it, so far your know how to wash.
Around your neighborhood, there are some neighbors who have dirty dishes or clothes and needs the services of someone.

Since there are paying you in return you can pick up this business as a side hustle and make cool cash through it.

6. Social Media Influencer

As a popular social media user, you can get goods from vendors and advertise on your platform. Another daily income business to go into in Nigeria is influencing. A large percentage of internet users on social media are influencers.

Try to find out what goods your followers would be interested in buying and talk to them about it.
You don’t need to stress much in this business, all you need is to inform your audience and there go get it directly from the store with your promo code.
With less than 10k you’ve started this business and make money in Nigeria.

7. Shoe Mending Business.

You will agree with me that on an average at least 9 out of 10 people needs someone to amend their shoes.
With less than 10k one can start this business in Nigeria.

You can seat at the comfort of your home and get customers.
You just need to swallow your pride when it comes to making money in Nigeria. Some businesses needs you to be as humble as possible.

8. POS business

As of recent, y’all can agree with me that the number of POS centres you see in around is increasing. For a student who is affected by ASUU strike or who lost a job, I oblige you to get started. All you need is a POS machine, a start up capital and a good spot to start with.

Don’t limit what you can achieve because of what people might say. If you’re broke today, no one will come out for you because everyone has their own problem.

Thanks for reading my blog.

I hope you found this eight less expensive daily Income business Ideas to start up in NIGERIA very helpful.

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