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5 Consequences Of Dating A Yahoo Boy | Pros And Cons

Consequences of dating a yahoo boy, pros and cons

Have you ever asked yourself if there are any disadvantages or consequences of dating a Yahoo boy? Well, in today’s blog, I will try to be plain and simple with my insights and explanations.

Consequences of dating a yahoo boy, Pros and Cons

Who is a yahoo boy or guy?

The term yahoo boy is used to classify Nigerian internet fraudsters. They’re very skilled in lying and making false impressions just to earn their victim’s trust. These guys have been working on the internet for a long time and they’ll come up with different methods to execute their desires.

In life, every wrong action has corresponding consequences, same goes for those girls dating a yahoo boy or guys.

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Is It Good To Marry a Yahoo Guy?

let me answer another question related to this topic before we dive into the main topic itself.

Dating a yahoo boy or marrying one has its consequences. These guys practically lie for a living so what do you think the foundation of your relationship will be built on?


It’s not good to marry a yahoo boy no matter how you look at it, that’s just the truth. If you can’t be bold and proud to tell people or your children what you do for a living, then it’s not worth it. “In this life, we come and we go” , what will become of your legacy when you’re no more? Will you be used to be set as a good or bad example for the future generations?

If you discover the guy you’re about to marry is a yahoo boy, please remove your mind from such a union. It won’t last because if the money is no longer coming, you’d suffer for it.

Pros and Cons of dating a yahoo boy.

  1. Pros

There are may be several advantages of dating a yahoo boy, but amidst all of it, there are also consequences.

i. No doubts, he will spend lavishly on you and treat you like a queen. Be sure to be the clubbing type because you two would be constant visitors to different clubhouse.

ii. Dating a yahoo boy would expose you to an expensive kind of life. You’d use the best phones, cars, etc. For a moment, life will be moving perfectly fine and everything in the right place.

iii. Nigerian yahoo boys can go to any length to provide for their girlfriends. If you’re dating one, you’re going to be pampered and treated with lots of love.

2. —Cons

The disadvantages that come with dating a yahoo boy are quite enormous. Seat tight because I’m going to explain everything you need to know. I just wish you read everything in detail.

i. Your future is not secured

Everything you are enjoying can be cut off the moment things start going soar for him. One thing about yahoo boys is that they hardly save money. They’re quite fond of spending recklessly without the thought of tomorrow. According to them, “More Clients” would keep coming. They refer to their victims as clients, it’s quite unfortunate.

ii. You can be an easy target

since they’re all wanted by the law, if there’s any leaked information that you have a connection with him, they’ll come for you. Have it in mind that he can never surrender to the authorities if you get arrested. Instead, he would run and leave you to your fate.

iii. You can be replaced by another girl anytime.

Since he has money, you will compete with other girls. Keeping one girl for a long time will be very boring to him. You should also learn how to deal with your emotions. Knowing fully well that there’s always a girl at the door waiting for you to leave so she can get in.

Let me talk about some of the consequences of dating a yahoo boy. Truly, money rules the world and that includes relationships too.
I read one article months ago which talked about a certain 29-year-old lady who was in a relationship with a yahoo boy of 19 years. What got me thinking out loud was the fact that the boy would béát the lady to a stupor and she was still in the relationship. Where has your pride gone to? For the sake of those who didn’t know, relationship is not a side hustle. Neither is it a get-rich-quick scheme. I don’t know who told most girls that working for their own money is a crime.

Consequences/Disadvantages of dating a yahoo boy

1. You can be used for rituals if he’s diabolic.

Nowadays, what most yahoo boys do is indulge in fetish acts. If he is not riding the latest car or getting money to spend as he wants, he can use you. There was a trend that caused a lot of ladies’ lives a few years ago. Ladies’ undies were being sold to rich yahoo boys which were used for ritual purposes. Missing persons every single day. It’s just a lot but even at that they still won’t listen.

2. She becomes a liability even to the next guy.

Dating a yahoo boy would expose you as a girl to a type of lifestyle that can only take the grace of God to handle. She might come from a poor family, she doesn’t have a job and still has an entitled attitude. If she once dated a yahoo boy who spends so much on her, you will be under pressure as one who isn’t into yahoo.
I can never advise a guy to date a lady whose ex-boyfriend was a yahoo boy. The reason is that she’d put you under pressure to meet her needs. If she asks for money and you send her the little you have, she will run to Twitter or TikTok just to make a mockery of you.

3. Potential suitors would flee from you.

Society might not say anything but people are watching. If your relationship with your yahoo boyfriend suddenly ends, do you think another guy would want to tolerate what you put yourself? A potential suitor might not be ready to wife you for so many reasons.

4. You can become a drug addict.

Most of these guys are into hard drugs and as their girlfriends, you could be caught on the same web. Drinking and sm00king would be a kind of lifestyle that you begin to portray. “There’s a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof is destruction”.

5. Abortion pills become a constant thing.

No doubt, yahoo guys don’t want anything that has to do with settling down when they haven’t made millions of dollars. There will always be money for you to go for an abortion. But have you asked yourself what if you don’t survive it.? Or what happens when you finally decide it’s time to have children and none is forthcoming?

Sometimes seat yourself down and ask yourself some questions about what you want in life. Would you be proud of the life you live now if you looked back 10 years from now? Maybe yes, Maybe no. In all your endeavors, I wish you well.


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