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What Happened to Zack Orji? Biography, Age, Wife, Is He Still Alive?

What Happened to Zack Orji? Biography, Age, Wife, Is He Still Alive?

Zachee Ama Orji popularly known as Zack Orji is a famous Nigerian Nollywood Actor who has starred in so many movies since his debut. He is best known for his role in Glamour Girls, and Blood Money.

He was born in Libreville, Gabon where he grew and and learnt how to speak English and French fluently. Zack is an actor, director, producer and filmmaker. When he is not acting, he keeps himself busy by preaching thr gospel.

Rumors were flying on social media that Zack had passed away.  The rumors were also debunk. As of late, Mr Orji has been since and was being taken care of by his family. Late he got admitted in the hospital.

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Biography of Zack Orji 

Zachee Ama Orji was born and raised in Cameroon, he also lived in Benin and Togo. His parents had left Nigeria for a greener pasture in a neighboring country where he was born in 1960.

Years after living abroad, Zack decided to return to Nigeria where he attended the University of Nigeria Nsukka. After graduating from the University, Zack decided to pursue a Career in the acting industry.

Mr. Zack Orji confirmed in an interview that his first ever movie which was in  1991, entitled Unforgiven Sin. In the movie, he played a lead actor but didn’t audition for it.

Since his debut, Zack has had the opportunity to work hand in hand with different actors in the industry. He has also starred with Ghanaian actors as well. During his active years in the Nigeria entertainment industry, Zack Orji found Christ and when he is not acting, he is either singing or preaching the gospel.


Who is Zack Orji’s Wife? Is he married with children?

Yes, Mr Zachee Ama Orji is happily married. He is married to Ngozi Orji and they have 3 children together. His whole family lives in Nigeria with him.

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When Was Zack Orji’s Directorial Debut?

According to Wikipedia¹, “In 2000, Zack Orji made his directorial debut with the movie titled WEB starring himself and Ghanaian actress, Kalsoume Sinare”. During the Ghana Awards of 2001, we learnt that Zack’s film was awarded best Collaborative Film.

Zack Orji’s Health Status: Is he still Alive?

News were trending on social media around  December 2023 stating that Mr Zack Orji was dead. However, the Actors Guild of Nigeria had to debunk the rumors. The president of the (AGN) in an Instagram post stated that Zack was sick not dead.

He said:  ” Mr Zack Orji is alive. Please ignore mischief makers who enjoy circulating fake news. “This is to show how wicked some people can be. It is unacceptable. “He will not die but live to declare the good works of God in Jesus’ name.” ²

On New Year’s Eve, Orje was admitted to Intensive Care Unit of the National Hospital in Abuja.


After undergoing two brain surgeries in Nigeria,  reports says Zack Orji has was recently flown to the United Kingdom for further health check.

He was further  seen on his feet in the airport which also states he was perfectly fine after the surgery in Nigeria and was just heading to the Uk for proper medical treatment and attention.

How Much is Zack Orji’s Net Worth 

As of [year], Zack Orji has an estimated net of $3 million. This is from all the verified sources we found online.

Who is Zack Orji’s Son?

In an Instagram post by Zack a couple of months back. He had posed with his son in photo shoot.  His son’s name is Leo’Nel. Leo admitted that being known as Zack Orji’s son has really opened so many doors in his career path.

What Happened to Zack Orji? Biography, Age, Wife, Is He Still Alive?
Leo’Nel Orji

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