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Melissa Babish Biography: What Happened To Terry Bradshaw’s Ex-wife?

Melissa Babish biography, net worth, ex-husband, age,

Where is Terry Bradshaw’s Ex-wife Melissa Babish?

Melissa babish was the first wife of terry bradshaw, popular for winning the first Miss Teenage America Pageant in 1969.

Melissa was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America in 1952 and she’s 72 years old.

According  to our algorithm estimates,  Melissa has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Melissa Babish biography, net worth, ex-husband, age,
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Melissa Babish’s Full Biography, Age and Early Life 

Melissa Babish was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA in 1952 and she’s 71 years old. But there’s no information on the exact date and month she was born.

Babish stood at a height of 5ft’ 4inch tall. She’s fair in complexion, blonde hair and has hazel eyes. There’s no much information about her background except for being the first wife of former NFL player, Terry Bradshaw.

Sadly after her failed marriage to Terry Bradshaw, she disappeared from the media. Melissa is only remembered for be married to Terry once and she’s equally only remembered by big media.

Did Melissa Babish Have a Net Worth?

Well, she didn’t really have a net worth.  But from our research and algorithm estimates, Lissa was married to one of the highest NFL player at the time and she was the first Miss Teenage America Pageant Winner back in the late 1960s..  According to, As of [year], Melissa is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

Who is Terry Bradshaw? Melissa babish’s Ex-husband

Ex professional national football player, Terry bradshaw was born on September 2,1948. Terry Bradshaw Paxton is an American footballer who was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL.


According to sources,, terry has been a sport analyst on Television since 1994.

Melissa Babish Had Career and Education

In the early 90’s Babish, she was particularly into the modeling path. Her known profession was her crown as Miss Teenage America Pageant in 1969.

The limelight opened ways for her to a lot of offers and opportunities. She also came to limelight after her marriage to Terry Bradshaw in 1972.

There’s currently no information about Melissa’s high school or college. She might have a high school diploma and college degree but that isn’t available at the moment. Her marriage to Terry and Career are what brought her to limelight.

Terry Bradshaw and Melissa Babish Personal Life

As clearly stated, Melissa was previously married to NFL golden boy, Terry Bradshaw in 1972. Their marriage lasted for two years and in 1974 they got divorced.

Unfortunately, Babish and Terry Paxton had no child together and Melissa tagged the marriage as a mistake because they were both too young for the union.

Terry Bradshaw has been married four times starting from his first divorce. His second wife was Jojo Starbuck, an international actor from 1976–1983.

Bradshaw also married a third time to Charlotte Hopkins 1983–1999, after the other marriage didn’t work out. Charlotte is the mother of Terry’s two daughters. In 2014, terry married his girlfriend of 15 years, Tammy Bradshaw.

Did Melissa Babish Get Married to Max Ramenofsky?

Years after her divorce, Melissa met Max Ramenosfsky and they started just as friends and months later, they got engaged then they were married. According to an article by Newspapers, Max is the only man Melissa has been with after her failed first marriage in 1974.

From an interview, Melissa Babish expressed her happiness to be with Max saying… “I was very, very lucky to find him. He is very supportive“.
Max Ramenofsky and Melissa Babish had 3 children together, Alex and Jamie (daughters), and Robert (a son).

Ramenofsky had a son from his previous marriage and his name is Tim, they all lived together as one family.

Max Ramenofsky was a professor of pediatric surgery at the university of southern Alabama.

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