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Who is Linda Gurney? Biography, Age: Pianist, Career, Obituary

Who is Linda Gurney? Pianist & Clarinetist Passed Away

Who is Linda Gurney?

Linda Gurney was a well-known musician who played the keyboard and clarinet. She graduated from Washington University while achieving success as a musician in the St. Louis area. Linda was a seasoned performer on the instrument, as well as a band leader and music educator.

Her help was much appreciated by the Dave Dickey Big Band. At performances given by the St. Louis Low Brass Collective, she worked as a guest director on two separate occasions.

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Linda was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She had 3 siblings Jane (Keith) Barrett, Angela (Matthew) Fleagle and the late Christian Seiferth. She graduated from University City High School and then attended Washington University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in music performance. In 1974, she began her career as a freelance musician.

She performed with numerous local groups, including the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, the Mighty Mississippi Concert Band, the Gateway Festival Orchestra, and the A Perfect Fit Woodwind Quintet. She was proficient in a variety of instruments, but piano and clarinet were her specialties.

As a pianist, she was known for her vast repertoire of memorized music, which she could play on demand. She also had a talent for jazz, which was evident each time she performed the famous clarinet solo from Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

Who is Linda Gurney? Pianist & Clarinetist Passed Away


Gurney, Linda Sell was 66 when she died.


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Personal Life

She was married to the late Edward William Gurney and they had 3 children, Olivia (Thomas) Fischer, Christopher (Chelsea) Sell and Andrew Gurney. She also had four grandchildren: Adelaide and Connor Sell, Henry Fischer, and Michael Fischer.

How Did She Die?

According to her children, Linda Gurney died quietly in her sleep. “We regret to inform our membership that member Linda Gurney passed away on 5/4/23,” the Musicians Association of St. Louis said in a statement. She came to Europe for the SLSOYO’s maiden tour in 1976.

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Linda’s career highlights included performing for the Busch family and the Jack Buck Christmas radio show. She was also a regular on the local news, playing clarinet with the Jim Dandys group at Busch Stadium.

In addition to her performing career, Linda was a dedicated music educator and community volunteer. She taught piano and clarinet lessons to many students over the years, and was very active in the music ministry at Central Presbyterian Church. She also generously volunteered her musical talents to benefit many areas of her community.

Linda was a strong supporter of students and professional colleagues in the local music scene. She frequently used her love of photography to help document their performances. She was a beloved member of the St. Louis music community, and her contributions will be missed by many.

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