What’s the essence of Mankind Creation if we’d End Up Dying?

What bothers you and why?

One thing that bothers me the most is the essence of Mankind existence on earth. I know many educated scholars have tried to dig up the reason why man was born and why we must die. One thing I grew up to know is that “death is inevitable“. If we had a special place in heaven, why should we come to earth to die and still return back to heaven ?.

I might sound crazy and all but we as those created from the image of God shouldn’t suffer for things that nature must have promised free of charge. Water for instance was given to us for free but we still buy water in some part of Africa on a daily basis while some people have it in abundance.

Life struggle starts from the moment we were sperm cells until we die. What’s the importance of death in man’s life? Why should we suffer and still die at the end of all the struggles.

As a blogger and website designer, I can’t possibly design a site that would end up being attacked by hackers or worms if I know what to do in other to secure it.

I had friends, loved ones, colleagues, roommates and classmates who had promising futures but they all ended up in the grave 🪦. Are we suffering from the sins of our forefathers? During creation according to the bible, God created Adam and Eve. For some reasons, God let them be tempted and they sinned against him. He (God), created man and the forbidden fruit, 🍑 which would have been avoided even after they (Adam and Eve) sinned. Redesign, rebranding or upgrading of his craft would have been the best idea. ( Well he is the all knowing God).

What’s the essence of creating mankind when they’d end up being destroyed. Making mankind was one of God’s perfect creation but why introduce death and still promise life 🧬 in the after life?

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