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Vernon Whitlock Jr Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Spouse, Kimora Lee Simmon’s Father

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Who is Kimora Lee Simmon’s Father Vernon whitlock Jr?

Vernon whitlock Jr is best known for being the father of Kimora Lee Simmons. Kimora is a famous entrepreneur,  television personality and model. Vernon had his first child,  Kimora Lee Simmons at the age of 47. Aside being the father of Simmons, there’s currently no information about him.

He is a man whose early life had been kept away from the media, in other words,  mhe lived a low profile life until his son became a public figure and observers began to enquiry about him. We will do well to to update this page as soon as something new comes up.

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Biography and Early Life 

Vernon Whitlock Jr is an African American man who was born and raised in the United States.  He lived in the US since he was a child and also had his kids in the United States.

Whitlock Jr worked  as a bail bondsman, he is also known for working full time as an “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigator“, and later  his csreer took a narrow direction and he worked as a barber. According to sources,  Vernon has served as a law enforcer, being a deputy federal marshal in 1962.

Around 1970, Vernon whitlock was arrested by some undercover police officers while he was working as a bail bondsman. Vernon lived a very expensive lifestyle that got everyone thinking he was into illegal businesses aside from his known job.  During his arrests, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison and he served 3 times.

Personal Life

 Vernon Whitlock Jr was in a relationship with a Japanese-American woman whose name is Joanne “Kyoko” Perkins. Joanne and Vernon had one child together, whose nane is Kimora Lee Simmon.

Kimora is probably the only child of Whitlock Jr and Joanne.  Joanne and Vernon met when she left her country to the United States  due to war threats from Korean against Japan. Their relationship was an interesting one which led to the birth of their daughter Kimora.  Although after many years, Vernon whitlock Jr and Joanne had to go their separateways. Joanne raised her daughter alone after her relationship with Joanne came to and end.


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Net Worth

Vernon whitlock Jr has an estimated net of of $350,000 to $1 million.  This is just a rough estimate of how much he is worth as there’s no information about his net Worth.  He lived a very expensive lifestyle during his time.

Age and Birthday 

There’s currently no information about Vernon whitlock’s birthday and Age.


According to sources,  Vernon worked as a bail bondsman, an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigator, and later a barber. He has served as a law enforcer, being a deputy federal marshal in 1962.

Who is Kimora Lee Simmon’s? Vernon whitlock Daughter 

Kimora Lee Simmons was born on May 4, 1975. As of 2024, Kimora is 49 years old. She was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. She Rosed to become a famous entrepreneur and television personality and model. During thr peak of her career, she had a daughter whose name is Ming Lee.

Throughout 2010, Kimora took over Baby Phat and became a CEO/creative director. The company was known for it female wears and fashion.  Up till date, Baby Phat is still being known because of Simmons Kimora. She was a great influence to the company.

Vernon whitlock Jr daughter, Kimora Lee Simmons later had her reality television shows Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (2007–2011) and Kimora: House of Fab (2013). Her best friend who was her maid of honor is famous model/actress Tyra Banks.


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Wiki Profile 

NameVernon Whitlock Jr.
Famous asKimora Lee Simmons’ father
BirthplaceUnited States of America
SpouseJoanne “Kyoko” Perkins
ChildKimora Lee Simmons
GrandchildrenMing Lee Simmons, Aoki Lee Simmons,
Kenzo Lee Hounsou, Wolfe Lee Leissner, Gary Lee Leissner
Occupation(s)Bail Bondsman, Barber, Deputy Federal Marshal (1962)

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