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Austin Li Coon Ethnicity, Wiki, Biography, Parents, Age, Height

Austin Li Coon Ethnicity, Wiki, Biography, Parents, Age, Height

Who is Austin Li Coon?

Austin Li Coon, originally from San Jose, California, is a student at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, Austin is a versatile individual with a diverse set of interests, including photography, videography, backpacking, volleyball, hockey, food innovation, and environmentally friendly consumer products.

While currently serving as an Associate Brand Manager at Kimberly-Clark, Austin’s journey to this point has been characterized by a wide range of experiences.

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Born on October 23, 1996, Austin Li Coon is currently 27 years old. Austin embarked on his educational journey at Bellarmine College Preparatory, where he actively participated in Varsity Volleyball and Club Roller Hockey. Subsequently, he pursued his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) at Purdue University. 

Presently, he is enrolled in the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, pursuing a Master of Business Administration, with an anticipated graduation in 2024. At the remarkable age of 15, Austin achieved a significant milestone by securing a spot on the All-American team in the Junior Olympics, marking the commencement of his personal growth journey.

Austin Li Coon Ethnicity, Wiki, Biography, Parents, Age, Height

Age and Height

Physically, Austin Li Coon stands at approximately 6.0 feet tall, weighing around 93 kilograms, with distinctive black eyes and hair. He is currently 27.

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Personal Life

His is unmarried, and he is in a relationship with Jessica Gingerich. Austin adheres to the Christian faith. 

Net Worth 

Regarding his financial standing, Austin Li Coon’s net worth is currently estimated to exceed $800,000.

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Austin has accumulated a diverse and impressive range of experiences throughout his career. A glance at his LinkedIn profile reveals his roles as a Marketing Intern, Senior Research Analyst, Management Consultant, Research Assistant, and even a Summer Volleyball Coach, showcasing his adaptability and willingness to tackle various challenges.

Austin was also a contestant of CBS reality show Survivor 45. Austin Coon’s Survivor experience has been filled with excitement and success. In the first episode, he emerged victorious in the “Barge Simpson” reward challenge and secured the second position in the “Mud Crutch” immunity task. Episode 2 continued his winning streak with a first-place finish in the “Smash and Grab” challenge, earning both the reward and immunity for his tribe. The momentum carried into Episode 3, where Austin claimed second place in the “Running Down a Dream” reward challenge and clinched first place in the “Draggin’ the Dragon” immunity challenge. His consistently strong performances are setting him apart on Survivor.

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