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Mercy Kenneth Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Parents, WhatsApp Number, Boyfriend

Popular Nigerian actress mercy Kenneth before and after photo

Mercy Kenneth Biography 

Mercy Kenneth Adaeze is a popular Nigerian Nollywood actress, dancer, model, television personality and a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Adaeze was born to a religious Christian family of Pastor and Mrs Kenneth Okonkwo in Lagos state,  Nigeria. The young actress, Mercy Kenneth was born  on April 9, 2009 and she is 15 years old as of 2024.

Mercy is originally from Imo state, the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. But since her parents lived in Lagos, that’s were she was raised.

She began making appearances on television at a very small age. Soon she was featured to take path as lead actress in a couple of films.

It wasn’t too long before she began showcasing her acting skills and viewers love her. Soon Mercy Kenneth was on every television screen and mostly  along other kid actresses like Ada Kirikiri and Angel Onyi Igwe.

She is best known for her performances in the following movies; “Daddy’s  Daughter  and “Princess is Mine.”

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Mercy’s Education and Career

Mercy Kenneth finish her Nursery and Primary School education in Lagos state. Soon after that she enrolled into Hannah Teck International College in Ojo, Lagos, for her secondary school education. In coming years, she will be looking forward to pursue a degree in the University.


Adaeze Kenneth have starred in over a 100 Nollywood movie alongside other prominent actors and actresses. She has shown that age is just a number if one is given a platform to showcase their talents and interests with proper grooming.

She acts in different movies with the likes of Ada Kirikiri and Angel Onyi who are also very popular Nollywood actors. Mercy has a large youtube channel with millions of streams from around the world.

She is also a dancer, a digit creator on Tiktok and  also famous on Instagram. Her talent was discovered at an early age and she was train and after a couple of months, she given roles to begin with. Of course the producers saw the potentials in her and she didn’t disappoint.

Mercy Kenneth Biography and Net Worth


Mercy Kenneth’s Awards and Nominations

After years of putting in the work in the movie industry, she has been recognized for her exceptional talent. Mercy was nominated for the “Most Fast Rising Actress Of The Year 2022” category at the Mainland TV Fashion Show & Awards.

At the South East  Entertainer Awards, Adaeze was also nominated for the category of “Best Nollywood Child Of The Year 2022.” Between 2022 and 2023, miss Mercy Kenneth was on everyone’s lips as one of the best child actress.

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Is Mercy Kenneth also a Musician?

Yes, aside being a prominent Nollywood actress, Mercy also loves music. Hence she has released a couple of songs. Some of her songs includes the following;

  1. Daddy I Love You
  2. Teacher Adaeze
  3. School Bus Is Waiting
  4. Nne Oma (Good Mother)
  5. I Will Give You My Best

Who Are Mercy Kenneth’s Parents and Siblings?

Adaeze’s father is pastor Kenneth Okonkwo who reside with his family in Lagos and her mother is Mrs. Beauty Okonkwo who is a fashion vendor in the heart of Lagos Market.

Most time people confuses Mercy’s father to be the popular Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo. But no, Mercy’s father and the Nollywood Actor Kenneth just happen to have same name. Adaeze is not in anyway related to the actor.

Siblings: Mercy has four other siblings and their names are; Onyedika, Goodnews, Caleb, and Dalinson Chukwudalu.

Mercy Kenneth Biography and Net Worth


is Mercy Kenneth In a Relationship?

As a successful actress and content creator on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, many young suitors are already flocking to be in a relationship with Adaeze.

She is currently not married nor is she engaged to be married at the moment. Although she might be dating but has currently not made it known to the public.

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What is Mercy Kenneth’s Net Worth?

Mercy has an estimated net worth of $100,000 and $200,000. Over the years she has built a successful career in the Nollywood industry. Recognized for her roles and acting prowess.

Mercy’s WhatsApp Number and Socials

She can be reached on Instagram @Mercykenneth or on WhatsApp at @08066013794. Adaeze is also on all social platforms with the same handle with her name.


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