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Francesca Amewudah Rivers Biography: Learn More About Her Net Worth, Age, Career

Francesca Amewudah Rivers Biography: Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Career

Francesca Amewudah Rivers is a famous award winning British actress, composer and TV personality. She was born in Brighton and studied music at the University of Oxford.

Francesca Amewudah is said to star alongside Tom Holland in the forthcoming movie production, “Romeo and Juliet.” Francesca who would play the role of Juliet while Tom is going to play Romeo.

Since it got out that she was going to be featured as Juliet, Francesca Amewudah has received a lot of backslash from people all over the internet.

Amewudah Rivers is popularly known for her roles in the BBC series “Bad Education (2021).” Francesca also composed the music used for short films like “Medea (2022), Minutes and Messenger.”

According to our source, she was awarded the 2021 Evening Standard Future Theatre Award for Audio Design. She has shown dedication and great talent in her stage performances.

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Francesca Amewudah Rivers Biography 

Born in Brighton, United Kingdom, Francesca Amewudah Rivers was raised by a Ghanaian parent. She was born in 1998 (Age: 26 years old). From my research, she has lived in Brighton all her life and also studied music in Oxford University.

Although Francesca Amewudah studied music, but she has shown she has great talent and interests in the movie industry.  She began her movie career back in 2021.


Francesca Amewudah Rivers “Romeo and Juliet Backslash”

More than 800 black actors and actresses have signed a letter denouncing the online backlash to the casting of Romeo and Juliet featuring Francesca as Juliet and Tom Holland as Romeo.

She has gained support from the black community as she deserves the role in the West End production of “Romeo and Juliet.”

What is Francesca Amewudah’s Gender?

Francesca is a woman and has not in anyway gone for any surgery to transgender herself.  Because she has masculine features does make her a man.

Many have compared her photos and matched her to be like a man. That is however not true. There are so many ladies that have masculine personalities, that doesn’t make them a man.

Personal Life 

Francesca Amewudah is currently not married nor has she made known her boyfriend or spouse online. She is currently focused on building her career before she would begin sorting out a suitable man for a relationship.

What is Francesca Amewudah’s Net Worth?

According to our Analysis, Francesca is believed to have an estimated net worth of $500,000 to $1million. Her biggest career will be the West End production of production of “Romeo and Juliet”.


NameFrancesca Amewudah Rivers
Date of Birth1998 (26 years old)
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
OccupationActress, writer, composer
OriginGhana, African



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