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Matthew Rodrigopulle Cause of Death, Biography, Age, Career, Family

Matthew Rodrigopulle Cause of Death, Biography, Age, Career, Family

Who is Matthew Rodrigopulle?

Matthew Rodrigopulle was a gifted storyteller, a dapper on-air personality, and a die-hard sports fan. He had a natural on-air presence.

In the spring of 2020, Matthew Rodrigopulle worked as a reporter for OTR. Subsequently, he became a TA in the newsroom and served there from the fall of 2021 until the spring of 2022.

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Matthew Rodrigopulle spent the majority of his childhood in Scarborough, a suburb located in the greater Toronto area. His upbringing was marked by a strong interest in both the news of the day and athletics, both of which he would go on to pursue as a profession later in life.

Matthew Rodrigopulle was a gifted storyteller, a fashionable on-air personality, and a sports fanatic. He was a member of the NBC Sports broadcasting team. 

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At the time of his passing, he had just turned 24 years old and had graduated from the School of Journalism at the Toronto Metropolitan University in the year 2020.

There is no other information available regarding his parents and siblings at this time.


Matthew Rodrigopulle Cause of Death, Biography, Age, Career, Family


As at the time of his death Matthew was just 24 years old.

Personal Life

 there are no information about his personal life as he kept his personal life private.

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Cause of Death

On September 4, 2022, Rodrigopulle passed away unexpectedly as a result of a congenital cardiac condition.  There were reports that he died because of the COVID Vaccine was in which he took, but it was later discovered that it was a lie and he died as a result of cognitive cardiac condition. 

Net Worth 

There are currently no information about his net worth, but he was a young fashionable TV presenter. 


Rodrigopulle had a strong desire to be on air, and he put in a lot of effort to make that dream come true. He worked as a freelance sports reporter, a broadcast associate at Sportsnet, a sports editor at RUTV News, a writer for The Leafs Nation and Raptors HQ, and a much-appreciated teaching assistant helping students edit their own pieces of broadcast journalism. Unfortunately, his career was cut far too soon.

Most recently, Rodrigopulle became a member of the reporting staff at Global Regina in Saskatchewan. Even though Rodrigopulle was reluctant to uproot his life and move away from Scarborough, where he was born, many people, including his colleagues in the OTR newsroom, urged him to take the plunge and pursue his dream.

After arriving in Regina, Rodrigopulle wasted no time in getting to work. He covered everything from breaking news to crime to sports to concerns pertaining to housing. 

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