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Genevieve Halford Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Jackie Gleason’s Ex-wife

Genevieve Halford Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career and More

Who is Genevieve Halford?

Genevieve Halford was the first wife of American actor, comedian, singer, and television personality Jackie Gleason. They were married from 1936 to 1970.


Genevieve Halford was born on February 14, 1915, in Brooklyn, New York. She was a dancer and actress who met Gleason while they were both working in vaudeville. They married on September 20, 1936.

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Jackie Gleason ex wife, Genevieve died on July 9, 2012, at the age of 96. She is survived by her two daughters, Geraldine and Linda, as well as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Personal Life

Genevieve Halford was married to Jackie Gleason from 1936 to 1970 after 34 years of marriage. The reasons for the divorce are not publicly known, but it is rumored that Jackie Gleason’s infidelity was a factor. They had two daughters together, Geraldine and Linda. After her divorce, she never remarried.

After the divorce, Genevieve Halford remained active in her Catholic faith and continued to volunteer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. She also became involved in several charitable organizations, including the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Red Cross.

Genevieve Halford Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career and More

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Net Worth 

According to sources, Genevieve Halford’s net worth was estimated to be around $10 million at the time of her death. This included her assets from her divorce settlement with Jackie Gleason, as well as her own earnings from her career as a dancer and volunteer.

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Genevieve Halford was a dancer and actress, and she appeared in several films and television shows. She was also a singer, and she released several albums during her career.

She worked as a casting director and producer, and she also appeared in several films and television shows.

Genevieve Halford was a talented and accomplished woman. She was a successful dancer, a devoted wife and mother, and a generous philanthropist. She will be remembered for her grace, her kindness, and her commitment to helping others.

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