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Kigen Moi Biography: Son of Gideon Moi and Husband of Rebecca Chepchumba

Kigen Moi Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Parents, Career, Net Worth

Who is Kigen Moi?

Kigen Moi is the son of Kenyan politician and former Baringo County lawmaker Gideon Kipsielei Towett Moi. His father is also the party leader of the Kenya African National Union (KANU), Kenya’s ruling party for decades. He is Kenya’s second president, Daniel arap Moi’s, grandson.

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Kigen Moi’s Biography

Kigen Moi was born to Gideon and Zahra Moi in the early 1990s, and he is their first child. His grandfather, Daniel Moi, served as Kenya’s second president, and his father, Gideon Moi, is a senator.

Kigen has two older sisters named Lulu Moi and Kimoi Moi. He also has an uncle named; Raymond Moi who serves as a lawmaker for the Rongai region.

Moi is a first-year student at the esteemed University of Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom. Kigen has inherited his father’s passion for polo and is an eager and skilled player in addition to his academic efforts.

In 2014 in the Nanyuki Polo Challenge Cup, Kigen’s team, Samsung Tab 4, beat his father’s team, Samsung NotePro 5, 5-2. Kigen is also renowned for his opulent tastes and love of the finer things in life. He frequently associates with other affluent Kenyan scions. 

Kigen Moi Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Parents, Career, Net Worth
Kigen Moi’s Parents

Age and Birthday 

Kigen was born sometime in the early 1990s. He should be in his early thirties.

Personal Life

Kigen Moi and Rebecca Chepchumba have recently tied the knot with  Rebecca Chepchumba in a ceremony that was performed behind closed doors in the county of Kericho.


Kigen Moi Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Parents, Career, Net Worth
Kigen Moi and his wife

Family and close friends were invited to the small wedding, and some notable guests included Charles Keter, a former cabinet secretary for energy, and Lieutenant General Mohamed Badi, a former head of the National Military Security Agency.

On May 3, 2024, Kigen and his wife Rebecca Chepchumba decided to walk down the aisle as they officially had their white wedding.

People from all over the country attended their beautiful wedding ceremony.

See video of the wedding below..

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Net Worth 

Kigen Moi is estimated to worth up to $5 million. His Dad,Gideon Kipsielei Towett was reportedly worth over $550 million.


Kigen has inherited his father’s passion for the prestigious sport of polo, which his father has excelled in as a top player over the course of his career. Kigen shares this interest in the game with his father.

At the Nanyuki Polo Challenge Cup in 2014, Kigen Moi got the better of his father when his team, Samsung Tab 4, defeated his father’s side, Samsung NotePro 5, by a score of 5–2.

Given that his grandpa was the head of state for the country for 24 years, his father is a senator, and his paternal uncle, Raymond Moi, is a member of parliament for Rongai, it seems expected that his entry into politics will be relatively easy.

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