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Jordan Belfort Net Worth and Biography, Age, Wife, Wiki, Career

Jordan Belfort Net Worth and Biography, Age, Wife, Career

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Ross Belfort (born July 9, 1962) is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, former stockbroker, and financial criminal from the United States. In 1999, he pled guilty to stock-market manipulation and operating a boiler room as part of a penny-stock scam. 

Belfort was imprisoned for 22 months as part of a deal in which he testified against multiple partners and subordinates in his fraud scheme. 

In 2007, he published his memoir The Wolf of Wall Street, which was made into a Martin Scorsese film of the same name, which was released in 2013, and starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Belfort was born in the New York City borough of the Bronx in 1962 to Jewish parents. Max, his father, and Leah, his mother, were both accountants. He grew up in Bayside, Queens. 

Between graduating from high school and beginning college, Belfort and his boyhood buddy Elliot Loewenstern made $20,000 selling Italian ice from styrofoam coolers to visitors at a nearby beach. 

Belfort went on to earn a biology degree from American University. Belfort intended to use his earnings from Loewenstern to pay for dental school, so he enrolled at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. 

On his first day, the dean of the school told him, “The golden age of dentistry is over.” If you’re just looking to make a lot of money, you’ve come to the wrong place.


Jordan Belfort Net Worth and Biography, Age, Wife, Career

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Age and Birthday 

Jordan Belfort, who was born on July 9, 1962, is 60 years old.

Personal Life

Belfort and his first wife Denise Lombardo divorced while running Stratton Oakmont. He later married Nadine Caridi, a model from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, whom he met at a party. 

Jordan Belfort Net Worth and Biography, Age, Wife, Career

He and her had two children. Belfort and Caridi eventually divorced after she accused him of physical abuse, which was exacerbated by his drug addiction and infidelity. In 2005, they divorced.

Belfort was the last owner of the luxury yacht Nadine, which was built in 1961 for Coco Chanel. Caridi’s name was given to the yacht. The yacht sank off the east coast of Sardinia in June 1996, and frogmen from the Italian Navy’s special forces unit COMSUBIN rescued everyone on board. 

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Net Worth 

Jordan Belfort has a net worth of $115 million USD.


In the 1990s, he rose to popularity after forming and heading Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm that became known for its fraudulent tactics and role in market manipulation. He pleaded guilty to fraud and served 22 months in prison after two years of federal legal proceedings. 

Belfort has subsequently made a name for himself as an author, public speaker, business consultant/coach, investor, entrepreneur, and social media figure. His memoir The Wolf of Wall Street (2007) details his rise to power as the creator of Stratton Oakmont, as well as his eventual collapse owing to criminal allegations relating to securities fraud. Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation was nominated for five Academy Awards in 2018. 

Belfort has been actively involved in many business initiatives since the early 2000s, including a nutritional supplement company named Kinobody Fitness Gear Inc.

Belfort has been touring the United States in recent years, giving inspirational talks about entrepreneurship and personal development, focusing on topics such as money-making strategies, goal-setting processes, overcoming adversity, and how to find success regardless of circumstances or past mistakes. He also holds regular workshops to help people become financially independent entrepreneurs or investors.


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