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Hair Lice Treatment In Nigeria: Prevention, Symptoms And Causes

Hair lice prevention, treatment and causes.

Hair lice are small, wingless, black or greyish blood-sucking insects. They live in the hair on your head and feed off the blood from your scalp. Lice can live for a very long time on the human head as they keep increasing in size. This little creatures can make life uneasy for you as you will always experience discomfort and itchy head.

Signs your hair is infested with lice

One of the signs to know when your hair is lice infected is that it’s always itchy and you feel little movement on your head. It also prevents rapid hair growth and dark hair as dandruff-like stuff would always be notice on your head.

What are Lice Nits ? 

Nits are lice eggs. They are hard to see and are often confused with dandruff or hair-spray droplets. Nits are somehow whitish or grey in color and whenever you scratch your hair you find them on your fingers. Sometimes you also see them on your comb or hair brush.

How can one get lice on their head?

Head lice are contagious; this means if you aren’t careful, it can be transferred from an infected person to you. You can become infected with head lice when they crawl from a carrier onto your head.

Ways one may get head lice include:

  1. Sharing the personal items of someone with head lice such as brushes, comb, barrettes (beret), headbands, headphones, caps and hats, wigs etc.

  2. Using a fabric item after a person with head lice has used it such as clothes, scarfs and towels.

  3. Touching your head to the head of someone who’s infested with it.

  4. Sleeping on the same bed with an infected person thereby giving the lice a chance to crawl onto your head.


  5. Children and school pupils have a high risk of getting head lice because they tend to play closely together and head lice are usually transferred.

There’s also an increased risk of head lice infestation for family members.  People who work in day cares or elementary school share this risk.

Can you wash off head lice on your hair when you wash with water as soap? 

Washing your hair with water and soap cannot get rid of hair lice because they clip their feet very tight to your hair shaft. It very hard and sometimes impossible for them to fall off by just washing with water. So how do you get get rid of stubborn hair lice? Below are some easy and tactical ways to remove hair lice. Beware that Anybody, regardless of their age and gender can be infested with lice.

According to research, adults, ladies to be specific can be more at risk of being infested with lice. Another set of people that are at high risk of being infested with hair lice are kids because they always play together with sands which can introduce the insect to their heads.

Where can hair lice be gotten?

The primary source for one to get lice on their head is the “Hair Salons” . This places are mostly responsible in the transfer or sharing of lice using same comb, brush and clipper for everyone.

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How to get rid of hair lice

These are the pre-caution Measures to take to avoid it;

  1. Go to the salon with your comb, brush or clipper and other hair materials.

  2. Once in a while, wash your hair with Luke-warm water always.

  3. Don’t share wigs, combs and other hair materials with anyone because you don’t know if your neighbor has been infested.

  4. Use hair treatments that will help prevent it. There are creams that would make your hair unhealthy for them to live in.

If your hair is infested with lice already, solution is:

  1. Apply Aboniki balm on your hair cover it with shower cap and stay for 20-30mins then wash it off with hot water.

  2. At home, dry every wet clothing’s, foam, pillows and other personal belongings you under hot sun. If possible wash them with Hot water and dry, It prevents the fallen eggs not to Mature if it finds its way to your hair again.

  3. Fumigate your house with chemicals that would get rid of stubborn hair lice that are not yet matured.

List of Hair Lice Materials you’d need to get rid of them quickly 

If you buy any of the fumigation products I will mention here, you should also get this amazing hand held fumigation pressure spray. Cover your nose with a nose mask and don’t allow kids inside the house within the period you’d be spraying your house. Another important thing is that you shouldn’t leave any spot unsprayed. This products work like majik.

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Here’s another option you’d need. A generic insect killer and pest control.

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