Who is Douglas Eugene Franco?

Douglas Eugene Franco was the father of actors James Franco and Dave Franco. He was born in 1948 in Palo Alto, California, to Portuguese and Swedish parents.

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Douglas Eugene Franco was born on February 20, 1948, in Palo Alto, California. He was the son of Daniel Franco Jr. and Marjorie (née Peterson). His father was of Portuguese and Swedish descent, while his mother was of Russian Jewish descent. Douglas had two younger brothers, Tom and Dave.

Douglas attended Stanford University, where he studied business. After graduating from Stanford, he worked as a businessman and nonprofit agency director. He was also a talented artist and musician.

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Age, Date of Death 

Douglas died in 2011 at the age of 63 after a long battle with cancer. 

Personal Life

Douglas was married to Betsy Lou Verne, and they had two sons, James and Dave. James and Dave both became successful actors.

Net Worth 

Douglas’s net worth is unknown. However, he was a successful businessman and nonprofit agency director, so it is likely that he had a significant amount of wealth.

Douglas Eugene Franco Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Wikipedia


Douglas had a career in both the commercial world and the charity sector as director of an agency. In addition to his artistic and musical abilities, he was also a superb musician.

Douglas was an entrepreneur who worked in the technology industry in Silicon Valley. He was involved in the early days of the internet, and he assisted in the development of several companies that went on to be successful.

As the director of a charitable organization, Douglas’s job was to make people’s lives better who were struggling. He helmed the Palo Alto Community Center for a good portion of its history, and he was also a member of the governing bodies of a number of other charitable organizations at that time.

The artistic and musical abilities of Douglas were exceptional. He was a talented artist who also enjoyed drawing and playing the guitar in his spare time. Additionally, he was a part of a band that went by the name “The Franco Brothers.”

Douglas Eugene Franco was a guy of many skills and accomplishments who left a mark on both his family and the town he lived in that will never be forgotten. Kindness, generosity, and a passion for life are the qualities for which he will be remembered.

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