Brittany Jacques Net Worth, Biography, Instagram, Age, Husband

Brittany Jacques is a 27-year-old Canadian fashion model, body confidence activist, influencer and Instagram star. She was born on September 6, 1997, in Ontario, Canada. Brittany has an estimated net worth of $ 150,000.

Brittany Jacques Biography and Profession.

The fashion model was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. With her social media influence, Brittany Jacques started her modeling profession in 2019.

Brittany Jacques Net Worth and Biography 2022

Recently she has been on the news after she threatened to give up on love because no guy wanted her because of her body size. As you continue reading, you will find out why she wanted to throw away the garment of love until a lucky fellow proposed to her.

According to sources, Brittany has partnered with some top fashion Brands in the US to showcase their designs. She has also worked for brands like— Mondetta Clothing, FashionNovaCurve, Yoins Plus, Torrid, Insert Name and many more others.

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Brittany Jacques Instagram

The beautiful Canadian model has a very active Instagram account with over 111k followers who can’t get enough of her beautiful looks and curvy body. You can follow Brittany Jacques on Instagram @8rittanyj

What is Brittany Jacques Body Measurements?

Brittany Jacques has a height of about 5ft’4in (1.62cm), she has a body size of 22 . Her hip size is measured at 59 inches (149cm). She has a large body type, light skin, light brown hair, hazel eyes color.

Brittany Jacques and Matt Montgomery Relationship

According to the “Mirror“, Brittany had almost given up on the relationship as most of her suitors made fun of her and asked her to lose some weight.

She has struggled with her self confidence with a body size of 22, as no guy wants to keep her as a girlfriend. However, something happened, as you continue reading, you’ll find out who she later fell in love with.

Brittany Jacques and Matt Montgomery her boyfriend
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Jacques weighs 257Ib and found out it was more difficult to deal with her curves. Most of her ex-boyfriends sometimes told her it was what attracted them to her in the first place.

She made up her mind to give up on dating as it seems so difficult to deal with people’s opinions. (especially from guys). The Canadian fashion model somehow stumbled on someone she called “The one” on Facebook. She met Matt Montgomery a personal trainer who is also 25.

Matt and Brittany got along really fast from their first date and as of present, they are said to be engaged. According to them, it was “Love at first sight“. Although they still get criticized for their 177Ib difference in weight.

From Brittany’s Instagram page, the Canadian Model recently gave birth to a baby boy, MattMontgomery Jr. As of 2023, she’s also pregnant for her second baby as she’s due to deliver soon.

Check below page for photos attached.

Brittany Jacques Net Worth and Biography, profession, endorsement, height and weight

What is Brittany Jacques’s Net Worth?

She has an estimated net worth of $150,000. Her source of income is mainly from her sponsored deals and brands influencing.

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Photos of Brittany J, Her Baby And Husband Matt Montgomery

Wedding photo of Brittany and Matt Montgomery Pregnant Brittany and Matt Montgomery Matt Montgomery Jr, Baby Matt Montgomery Jr

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