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Boyfriend Snatcher: Facebook Hair Vendor Dragged for Flirting with Customer’s Boyfriend

Boyfriend Snatcher: Facebook Hair Vendor Dragged for Flirting with Customer's Boyfriend

Are They Still Boyfriend Snatchers Today?

We’ve seen many cases of loyal ladies losing their boyfriends and relationships because of a boyfriend snatcher they must have unknowingly introduced to their man.

Yes, in this day and age, a lot of ladies prefer snatching another woman’s man for themselves through flirting and other methods of attracting the man.

Someone said, “A man who is meant for you won’t fall for another woman’s flirtatious moves.” Well, not in all cases. Some men can make drastic decisions that can lead to cheating and breakup, especially when they fall for a boyfriend snatcher.

I was going through my Facebook feed last week when I came across a post made by a certain Facebook hair vendor. Apparently, she made the post to back up what happened and maybe get people who would support her. But the comment section wasn’t having it.

What are the implications of Snatching Someone’s Boyfriend?

Many people will go to any length to ensure that a boyfriend snatcher does not enjoy the fruits of their labor. This usually occurs when the main girlfriend was with the man when he had nothing and supported him until he reached a point where many other ladies began to find him attractive.

I have mostly seen ladies take drastic measures to personally deal with anyone who tries to snatch their boyfriend.

Some may choose to visit a babalawo or use any means possible to get the boyfriend snatcher out of the way. It’s best to find your own man for the sake of peace rather than entangling yourself with someone who might not bring you joy and peace of mind in the end.

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A certain lady named Anita saw a hair advert on Miss Ifediniru Chukwugunyere Iruoma’s Facebook page and decided to tell her man to get the hair for her.

According to Anita’s claims, which she says she has evidence for, Ifediniru was allegedly flirting with her man.

She had given her boyfriend the hair vendor’s number so he could buy the hair for her, and something transpired during their chat. Anita had to message Ifediniru to stay away from her boyfriend.

What was Anita’s Message to Ifediniru Chukwugunyere Iruoma?

“Boyfriend snatcher”

“I wonder how someone will commend you for hair and someone like the hair and ask her boyfriend to help her patronize you all you can do is to start flirting with the guy.”

“I will drag you front and black if you don’t stop chatting him.”

“I will go straight to your friends posts and drag your silly ass.”

“Your boyfriend broke up with you and so then you want to snatch another person own.”

“ashawo that’s why your guy left you.”

“Cheap thing.”

Boyfriend Snatcher: Facebook Hair Vendor Dragged for Flirting with Customer's Boyfriend

Obviously, Ifediniru had to clap back by sharing the message she received with her Facebook followers. Many criticized her, while many others saw nothing wrong with it.

Some comments said it was fun and less stressful to snatch someone else’s boyfriend rather than building a relationship from scratch.

Below was the caption Ifediniru Chukwugunyere Iruoma wrote in response to the content she received. She also claimed Anita had blocked her right after she sent the message.

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