5 Major signs your ex secretly wants you back

Today we will be looking at some 5 signs that shows your ex  secretly wants you back in a relationship.

Can your ex still truly be in love with you? what are the signs they secretly want you back? Will you still accept your ex if they apologized?

Because you broke up with your ex doesn’t mean you guys can’t get back again.

If your terms of separation weren’t bad, things can still be sorted out so you two can unite again.

5 Signs your ex secretly wants you back

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Sometimes your ex might genuinely care about you and still want you to get back with you secretly.

Some actions they display can give you some hints that they still want you back.

At some point in life, they are people you should still work things out with and if there’s anything good from it take the offer.

Don’t hold grudges for long, people can still change for the best if they are given the opportunity.

Although many tend to abuse second chances, be careful when giving a second chance to anyone.

They must deserve it, else just walk away and you will find happiness with another person.

What are the major signs that your ex secretly still wants you back.?

Some actions from your exes can be crystal clear that they are not over you.

Anything is possible when it comes to love, denying it is impossible nor stoppable.

1. They try to start a good conversation with you.

One of the signs that your ex secretly hopes you two can work things out is by starting a conversation.

They want to know how you are doing and how you are every day. While chatting they try to create a good impression so you can notice their feelings for you.

It’s not bad to still want your ex back, maybe the love never really died.

2. They want to hang out with you frequently.

If your ex suddenly starts becoming very close to you and starts spending time with you it’s another sign they secretly want you back.

People won’t just want your company if you don’t add value to their lives. He or she can figure out they never really had time with you in the previous relationship and want to make up.

While you are struggling to get over heartbreak, they’re some tiny bit of your heart that would still be hoping he or she comes back.

While you’re trying to heal, if your ex starts hanging out with you there’s a greater chance that you guys can still work things out.

3. They follow you on all social media and say nice things about you.

One of the ways to know if your ex is no longer interested in you is how they react to your social media posts. Most of them become trolls and start saying bad things about you.

But on the contrary, if your ex secretly wants you back they make sure you notice them on social media. They say nice things and leave sweet comments to keep you smiling.

4. They tell their friends to apologize on their behalf.

If you notice all of a sudden your friends start saying nice things about your ex, watch out.

Sometimes ego or fright can make your ex not approach you face to face, but they use your friends to want to get back to you.

If maybe you and your ex had to split because of distance or something simple there’s a high chance they will still come back.

Most times they ask your friends to plead for them so that you can give them a listening ear.

5. They send secret gifts with no names attached.

Some exes can still be sending you flowers, gifts, items on your special days, etc. Which is another sign they are very much in love with you.

Although secret admirers can still be sending you gift items, what if it’s your ex? Will you accept them?

When you notice any of these Signs it shows your ex will eventually come back and they secretly want you back.

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