Hilda Baci Guinness World Record

Nigerian Chef and YouTube Content Creator, Hilda Baci is on her way to beat the current Guinness World Record of most cooked meal. The previous

How’s Hilda coping with the stress of cooking none stop?

Shout out to Hilda’s sous chef who has been encouraging her. Although she’s been stressed for the few days or 57 hours of cooking, she still pushing. Her assistant chef has been very encouraging and supportive of her.

Hilda Baci current world record for most cooked meal.

What types of Nigerian Meals is Hilda Baci Making?

Well for the record, she’s focused on making local Nigeria meals such as Afang soup, Edikaikor, Egusi soup, Oha soup and lots more. The multi-talented chef is one passionate person who decided to chase her dreams even though the odds where too much.

The whole Nigeria and people home and abroad are all rooting for her success.

Hilda Baci current world record for most cooked meal.
Guinness World Record

Below are some tweets from fans.

Will Hilda Baci Win the Guinness world record?

Yes! Her chances of bagging the award or record is very high as she’s getting the necessary encouragement and support from people.

By the way, talent speaks volumes in this kind of situation and she definitely has lots of it. Baci will definitely emerge as a Guinness Record holder in the next few weeks.

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How can you stream her live show or video?

She’s currently streaming on all streaming platforms including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Simply search for her username (#Hildabacicookathon #betonhilda) or you can follow her on Instagram @hildabaci. Before the show started, Hilda had just a handful of followers, but currently her followers on Instagram skyrocket to over 170k within few days.

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