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Tess Curtis White Biography, Age, Wiki, Betty White’s Mother

Tess Curtis White Biography, Age, Wiki, Betty White mother.


Tess Curtis White was born around the 19th century, and during that period, women were not allowed to do what was tagged “The man’s work”. She was born during the era when it was believed women only had a position in the house. Thankfully for Tess Curtis, years later she raised a daughter, Betty White who became everything she wasn’t. Today, Tess Curtis is known as the Mother of Betty White for the major role she played in her upbringing.

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Tess Curtis White was born Christine Tess Cachikis on July 25, 1899 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She died at the age of 86 on November 11, 1985 in the U.S. Curtis White was married to Horace Logan White and they had a daughter, Betty White. Tess Curtis is of Ancestry DNA can be traced back to English-Welsh. The homemaker also had a Sibling whose name is Tomas R. Curtis.

According to sources, Tess White’s father, Nicholas Cachikis, was an ice cream seller, while her mother, Maggie Curtis-Cachikis (Hobbs), aka Margaret Cachikis (Hobbs), was a homemaker. It was very popular back then for women’s position to be homemakers rather than pursue a career.

Betty White Daughter of Tess Curtis 

Tess and Horace Logan welcomed their only child, Betty, in 1922 in Illinois. As at that time, the couple were living at Oak Park. Betty was an only child who would later become a Hollywood star and public figure. Betty started her career in radio, where she used to read commercials.

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She contributed to the industry in several ways, including doing crowd noises and playing big parts. At the time Betty started her career, she earned around five dollars. Other times she would work without receiving a penny.

One of the shows Betty known for was The Tonight Show by Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. However, she was best known  for her Password show from 1961 to 1975. Although she was a celebrity guest, however, she was able to inspire many with her skills. Betty White died on 31 December 2021, at the age of 99. She died six days after suffering from a stroke on Christmas. Just before her death, a documentary-style film titled Betty-White: A Celebration was announced and released on her 100th birthday.


Tess Curtis White Net Worth 

Tess Curtis and her family depended on her husband’s $5000 yearly income. Since women weren’t allowed to have a career during her era, she was known to be a housewife. She had no job and therefore she had no net worth. However, Tess raised a daughter who later changed how things were. Betty White on the other hand had an estimated net worth of $75 million before her death.



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