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Who is Superstar Billy Graham Wife?: Facts About Valerie Irwin

Who is Superstar Billy Graham Wife?: Facts About Valerie Irwin

Who is Superstar Billy Graham Wife?

Valerie Irwin was Billy Graham’s wife throughout their marriage. 1978 marked the year that the couple tied the knot and started a life together. Irwin was a strong supporter of her husband’s wrestling profession and was there for him through all of the ups and downs that came with it. 

Although the general public may not have been familiar with Valerie Irwin, there is little saying that her role as Graham’s wife and business partner was an extremely significant one. Throughout his whole wrestling career and personal life, he could always count on her to provide him with emotional support and stability behind the scenes. 

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Who is Superstar Billy Graham?

Eldridge American professional wrestler Wayne Coleman was born on June 7, 1943, but he was best known by his ring name, “Superstar” Billy Graham. Wayne Coleman was a member of the WCW. He achieved widespread acclaim as a result of his reign as the WWWF Heavyweight Champion from 1977 to 1978. In the most important professional wrestling competitions, he won the world championship three times.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was his training partner and a close buddy throughout his career as a multiple-award winning bodybuilder. The things that people remember him for the most are his captivating performing style as well as the way that he revolutionized the interview and physique parts of the professional wrestling industry. His influence can be seen in the careers of wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Scott Steiner, and Ric Flair, among others.

In a Facebook post dated November 2015, Graham said that he has signed a legends contract, which is a multi-year agreement for the performer to make uncommon appearances in areas other than wrestling. According to sources, in 2021, he renewed his contract for another five years and signed it.

In January of 2023, Graham was admitted to the hospital due to an infection that affected both his ears and his skull. By the month of April, his condition had deteriorated significantly; he had dropped a total of 80 pounds and was receiving medical attention for issues relating to his kidneys, heart, and lungs. Graham passed away on May 17, three weeks before his 80th birthday, after being placed on life support earlier that week. He had been on the ventilator for the majority of that week.


Valerie Irwin should be in her late sixties or early seventies.

Personal Life 

They both do not have any children.

Who is Superstar Billy Graham Wife?: Facts About Valerie Irwin

Net Worth 

There is no information about her net worth, but her husband was worth close to $5M.

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