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Who Is Debbie AO (Mummy Zee): Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Why Is She Trending?

Who Is Debbie AO (Mummy Zee): Biography, Age, Husband, Why Is She Trending?

Who is Debbie AO Aka Mummy Zee And Why Is She Trending?

Twitter user, Debbie AO popularly known as Mummy Zee is a Nigerian Mum, a Geophysics graduate from the prestigious university of Ilorin. Mummy Zee currently residing in Lagos state, Nigeria with her husband who is a secondary school teacher. Recently she gain favour in the eyes of so many Nigerians, both home and abroad.

This fame came after she replied a single tweet about women who wake up early to cook for the husbands. Anyways, here’s the tweet that made her go viral.

The Viral Tweet 

A certain Twitter user with the handle @Madisha shared a tweet that reads, “There’s a lady that wakes up by 5 am to make her husband lunch for work.”

In response, Debbie AO replied to the tweet saying, “I’ve always been too lazy to wake up and get his lunch ready. But the day he told me a colleague brought two spoons so he’d eat with her was the day I set my alarm for 4:50 am.”

This particular tweet became a debate on twitter with so many Nigerian feminist calling Mummy Zee all sorts of names and telling her she’s a slave in her own home.

Nigerian men wouldn’t accept that as thousands of people came out in support of Debbie and what she does. Some men went all the way to dig out some old tweet of Mummy Zee where she asked God to bless her with some kitchen utensils and other things. Jokingly, she was asked to share her account number and within 5 hours, she had been credited with over 1 million naira.

Within 24 hours, Debbie AO had already gotten over 2 million naira. The following day she went to purchase the things she needed and from there, gift and other things started flowing in.

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Biography and Early Life

Debbie AO also known as Mummy Zee was born and raised in Lagos state, Nigeria. Although there’s currently no information about her actually date of birth. There’s also no information about her parents and relatives.  Mummy Zee studied Geophysics and graduated with a diploma from the university of Ilorin.

Personal Life 

Debbie AO is married to Mr Abiola Adebisi, a Nigerian high school teacher and mathematician. They have a child together and she’s currently pregnant as at the last time we checked.

In one of her tweets, Debbie’s husband was asked to continue to adore his wife, mummy zee and not break her heart. She replied saying her husband and his family are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to her. She said she’s in a good hands.

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Net Worth

Mummy Zee AKA Debbie AO has an estimated net worth of ₦10 million Naira. Since her fame, she has gained substantial amount of following on twitter and other gifts like a house, two cars, generators, bedroom items, money, and etc. Fintech company like Infinix also gifted her the latest Infinix 40, Kuda bank doubled the ₦2 million naira in her account making it a whopping  ₦4 million naira within 48 hours.

Debbie’s Career

After graduating from the  university, Debbie AO has been working on anything that comes her way due to the Nigerian economy. Although since she’s pregnant, she’s mostly at home. After her tweet went viral, she was offered a job which will enable her earn enough money for herself and her family. Her husband was also offered a job and some people offer to show him around the tech industry. Debbie’s husband was also offer a free scholarship to go for his master’s degree.

Her Twitter Feeds

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