Who is Albert Ezerzer?

According to a recent tweet from Aaron Korsh, Executive producer, and Film Maker of The SUITS, here’s what he had to say.

Albert Worked in our transpo department and passed away recently. He was a beloved member of the SUITS family.

What was Albert Ezerzer’s Job?

According to Aaron Korsh, he worked in the transpo.

He was born: 31/01/1959.

Died:  09/05/2014.

Albert’s Occupation: Transportation Department.

Movie Featured: The SUITS. 

After an in-depth research, I found out that Mr Albert was in charge of transporting equipment used in film productions.

He wasn’t really acting in the movies, but his contributions in shooting those films made his name to be remembered always.

Who is a loyal man?

A lot of people were inquisitive to know who Albert is when he was remembered in one of the season’s of THE SUITS.

During the end of the Suits Season 4 Premiere ‘One-Two-Three Go!’

Few months ago, the words “In memory of Albert Ezerzer” flashed during the ending credits of the season.

Many began to ask: Who is Albert Ezerzer? So in other to make things more clearer to everyone, Aaron Korsh (Producer of THE SUITS)  had to tweet who he really was.


Albert ezerzer