Who is Albert Ezerzer? Here’s What We Know

Who is Albert Ezerzer?

According to a recent tweet from Aaron Korsh, Executive producer, Film Maker of The SUITS, here’s what he had to say.

Albert Worked in our transpo department and passed away recently. He was a beloved member of the SUITS family.


What was Albert Ezerzer’s Job?

Remember: He died on the 12 of April 2021, as it was announced recently on Twitter.

According to Aaron Korsh, he worked in the transpo.

After an in-depth analysis, I found out Albert was in charge of transporting equipments used in film productions.

A lot of people were inquisitive to know who Albert is when he was remembered in one of the season’s of THE SUITS.

During the end of the Suits Season 4 Premiere ‘One-Two-Three Go!’

Fews week ago, the words “In memory of Albert Ezerzer” flashed during the ending credits of the season.

Many began to ask: Who is Albert Ezerzer? To make things more clear to everyone, Aaron Korsh had to tweet who he really was.


Albert ezerzer

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