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Ubisoft Net Worth 2023: Founders and Account Login

Ubisoft video games net worth and founders

What is Ubisoft Net Worth?

As of 2023, Ubisoft entertainment has an estimated net worth of $3.58 billion according to macrotrends. Ubisoft is a French video game company which has it headquarters in Saint-Mandé, France and studios across the world.

The company was originally called Ubi Soft Entertainment SAIt was founded on 28 March 1986; 36 years ago, by five siblings whose names are;

  • Christian Guillemot
  • Claude Guillemot
  • Gérard Guillemot
  • Michel Guillemot
  • Yves Guillemot

The CEO and Chairman of Ubisoft Videogame is Yves Guillemot, and the company’s CFO is Frédérick Duguet.

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Biography and Early Life of Ubisoft founders 

The five brothers started by managing their family farm business with support from their parents. They worked together until the five of them got admission into the university. After graduating from school, they came up with the idea of producing and selling CD audio media to local farmers. Soon they expanded to selling computers and video games, this was when the idea of Ubisoft came up.

At the time, the cost of buying computers and video games was very expensive. But it wasn’t that expensive getting them from other countries like United Kingdom etc. “Their mother said they could start their own business this way as long as they managed it themselves and equally split its shares among the 5 of them”. The five brothers first established Guillemot Informatique, founded in 1984.

After lots of survey and analysis, they found out that video games was the real deal. It was more on demand during the 1980’s. This gave rise to the videogame company, initially called “Ubi Soft Entertainment S.A”. The name was later shortened to Ubisoft and founded by the five brothers on 28 March 1986.

Ubisoft Franchises

Some other video games published by Ubisoft company includes; Assassin’s CreedFar CryFor HonorJust DancePrince of PersiaRabbidsRaymanTom Clancy’s, and Watch Dogs. The company has also made some live-action films from their videogames. Some of their movie productions includes the film Assassin’s Creed (2016) and the series Rabbids Invasion (2013), and Mythic Quest.

Net Worth 

Ubisoft video games company has an estimated net worth of $3.58 billion. In 2015 the company made a total revenue of about $1.6 billion according to Forbes.

How to create a Ubisoft account and Login 

To create an account, visit the account management website

1. On the page you will be required to fill in the form by submitting your email address and password.

2. Assigned a unique username and click on accept T&C.

3. Click on create account and a verification code will be sent to your email to verify your Ubisoft account. There you go! Your account has been successfully created. To login, simply visit the above URL and click on login.  Key in your username or email an password then login.

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