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Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo Net Worth: Who Was The Richest

Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo Net Worth Forbes, biography, Age, Wiki

What is The Net Worth of Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo?

Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo

Escobar had an estimated net worth of $30 billion as at the time of his death. His net worth as of 2024 is equivalent to $70 billion.

While El Chapo Net Worth is around $12.6 billion. Now according to sources, El Chapo is considered to be one of the most powerful drugs traffickers in history.

One of the world most powerful drugs lord’s of all time are Pablo Escobar and Joaquín Guzman . Going back in early 1970’s to 1980’s they were very popular and most wanted by the government for drugs trafficking.

Biography of Pablo Escobar 

Pablo Escobar was born Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria on 1 December 1949. He died on 2 December 1993 (aged 44); Medellín, Antioquia Department, Colombia.

Net Worth: $30 Billion
Date of Birth Dec 1, 1949 (44 years old)
Place of Birth Rionegro
Gender Male
Height 5ft 5in (1.66 m)
Profession Drug lord
Nationality Colombia

On an average, escobar make an annual salary of $10,000,000. As at the time he was alive, most of his money were stored in warehouses and in the fields.

Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo Net Worth 

The two drugs cartels had a whooping net worth of $30 billion and $12.6 billion. Note: this money were the ones that were calculated. What happened to the hidden ones. 

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The wife of Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for being an accomplice with her husband. Read More: about Emma Coronel Aispuro Net Worth

Who is richer between Pablo Escobar Vs El Chapo 

Pablo Escobar was richer, his net worth was estimated to be $30 billion as of 1993. While his other drug cartel El Chapo’s Net Worth is around $12.6 Billion.


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