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Mohbad’s Cause Of Death Revealed After An Autopsy

Mohbad's Cause Of Death Revealed After An Autopsy

What was mohbad’s Cause Of Death?— After the unfortunate incident that happened to Nigerian singer, Mohbad things have taken a different turn as everyone wants to know what really killed Mohbad. Many people think he was murdered by the music gang, Marlian Records.

After the announcement of Mohbad’s death on the 12th of September, 2023, it was witnessed that his family members hurriedly buried him. Why? What were they trying so hard to hide.

Mohbad's Cause Of Death Revealed After An Autopsy

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What happened to mohbad’s body after it was removed for autopsy?

The Nigerian police were alerted and asked to extract mohbad’s body and find out what really happened to him. On the 21st of September, his body was removed from the shallow grave he was laid in.

Witnesses observed that fresh bl00d was seen coming out of the grave and this allegedly proved that “Mohbad must have been buried Alive“. The autopsy which is being conducted by the police will reveal everything.

The Nigerian police has updated it’s citizens in regards to their findings. The police said Nigerians should be a little patient as the result will be announced soon.

Mohbad's Cause Of Death Revealed After An Autopsy
Imole’a grave

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Why is Mohbad’s Father Supporting Naira Marley?

Unfortunately, after the death of Mohbad, his family members, especially his father has been on the supportive side of Naira Marley whom Nigerians suspect would have a hands in the death of Mohbad.

It was alleged that Naira Marley paid mohbad’s father a huge sum of money after the death of his son. Other Celebrities also paid him.

It also seems as though mohbad’s father was also interested in the money rather than what caused his son’s death. Days after the death of Mohbad, his father was interviewed and all throughout the interview, he said. “although he was paid ₦2 million naira, but only received ₦1 million naira and he used the money to get a casket for his last son”.

What was the autopsy result of Mohbad’s death?

The Nigerian police hasn’t release any statement yet about mohbad’s Cause Of Death. It hasn’t been up to 48 hours since his body was take to conduct a tests.

Is Sam Larry responsible for mohbad’s death?

Currently all fingers are pointing to Sam Larry after a video showed him attacking Mohbad with his boys. Sam Larry is currently on the run and Nigerians are searching for him to come and explain what his knows about mohbad’s death.

Does Naira Marley have a hand in mohbad’s death??

9 months ago, Naira Marley and his boys were accused by Mohbad for wanting him dead. Mohbad posted a video on his social media page to tell the public that whatever happens to him, they should hold Naira Marley responsible.

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